Meet Our People



Natasha Reynolds, Manager, Operations and Administration, Residence Services



On finding her place at Mount Royal University

“I moved to Calgary from small-town Ontario, thinking I’d stay for a year. But here I am, almost 12 years later. I really have found my place on this campus. As a new professional right out of university, I had the opportunity to develop a new skill set. I was quickly promoted into a management role and I was supported in the challenges I faced. Not only that, people here have supported me in finding my passions, as well.”

On supporting her colleagues...and being supported

“I’m very fortunate that I get to work with people who I can sit down with and say, ‘This is my idea, this is what I’m thinking.’ They help those ideas flourish. Or if they come to me, we’re able to help each other achieve the goals we strive for. I value that I am trusted to get things done. I don’t feel micromanaged. I can take an idea, share it, find where it fits and make sure it’s successful. But it’s not just me — everyone gets to do this and that’s awesome.”

Natasha Reynolds and colleagues
Tash (right) with colleagues Courtney Warren (left) and Sarah Rude



On growing in a role

“What I enjoy about working at MRU is the flexibility to do my job. I have the ability to impact different areas of my department and of campus. I love that training and development is supported here. If I need training, I’m never afraid to ask for it. That’s meant a lot to me in my career. It’s something that I value, and it’s something the folks that I report to value.”

“Most recently, I’ve been involved in developing and expanding the Student Leadership Conference on campus. I am the Manager of Operations in Residence, but I’m very passionate about student and leadership development. A group from across campus saw a need in this area and decided to start the conference. Now, it happens every year and there are upwards of 100 students who attend. And that is just one project.”


Natasha Reynolds Uganda
Leading student volunteers in Uganda



On developing leadership skills

“Before I moved to Alberta in 2005, I had been involved with Global Youth Volunteer Network in Ontario. It’s impact-related, experiential-learning work where you get your hands dirty and really feel like you are making a difference in the world around you. I asked if I could start it here with a team from Mount Royal and the answer was yes. That first year, we travelled to Brazil and Venezuela. Over six years, it grew from an initial eight to 10 students, to six teams of 60 students who travelled to six different countries. And we expanded through Alberta and into B.C. The work ranged from working in an orphanage in Nepal to caring for ill children in Uganda as well as projects in Thailand, South America and in northern Alberta working with Indigenous populations.”


Natasha Reynolds Brazil
On a humanitarian mission in Brazil



“That blended into what I do at Mount Royal — working with student leaders on campus and doing training sessions for students. That’s grown even further, and I’m now involved with leadership training for staff and faculty, as well as group facilitation training in engaging students. What I love about Mount Royal is that I can bring up these ideas and say, ‘I’m interested and passionate,’ and people don’t say, ‘That’s not what you do here.’ They say, ‘Great. How do we make that happen?’”



On diversity and inclusion

“Mount Royal offers a welcoming environment in so many ways. I enjoy the people here a lot. We’re a small, close-knit community, and we have a beautiful campus. I love walking down Main Street and seeing so many people I know. I love that I get to work with all kinds of different people here.


Natasha (Tash) Reynolds
Natasha Reynolds



“This is an amazing place to work and an amazing place to come to school. You’ll find your home here if that’s what you want to find. We are very diverse in what we offer at this institution and yet we’re small enough that you get to know so many people and can have a real impact. If you’re looking for a place to make a difference, Mount Royal is a great choice.”