Engineering Services

About Engineering Services

The Engineering Services team manages the facility operations including BMS, fire protection systems, compliance with Alberta Building codes, and utilities/energy management.

We manage the major capital projects including the Conservatory and the Library. These are major initiatives with a large group of internal and external stakeholders. Mount Royal also receives an annual grant from Alberta Infrastructure (IMP) for the preservation of the building infrastructure on our campus excluding the Parkade, and any revenue generating areas which must be self-funded. These are major projects of high complexity that planned more than a year in advance. Projects like this include replacing the boilers and chillers that heat and cool interior space, roof replacements, and so on. If you have questions or concerns about these initiatives please contact us at 403.440.6416.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Utilities & Energy Management: We manage an annual utility budget that is in excess of $4,000,000 per year. Everything that can be done to reduce consumption is being done to manage this budget. You can help by reporting leaking faucets and toilets, turning off lights and computers, and letting Facilities Management know if lights are on when not required. Create a Work Order by going online to: and letting us know or call 403.440.6417.

Submit an Engineering service work request online through MRU Frontline.