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The Facilities Planning team coordinates Mount Royal’s physical expansion and renovations. More specifically, they are responsible for the coordination of renovations and alterations, space planning, maintaining interior standards, moves management, procurement and installation of furniture, and  way-finding and signage. The Facilities Planning team reports to the Director of Engineering Services.

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Renovations & Alterations (Customer Projects): Any requests that results in a change to the internal arrangement of an existing facility to upgrade the quality, increase efficiency, or change the purpose or use of the space must go through the Renovation and Alteration process. Requests can be submitted on Frontline. You can call 403.440.7020 for assistance in creating the request. Requests must be reviewed, verified by the Facilities Management Dean, Director, or Associate Vice President and by the Division's Vice President.

Twice a year (January 15 and June 15) the Vice Presidents prioritize all of the requests and then forward that smaller list to Facilities Management for scoping (feasibility assessment), scope of work, identification and development of cost estimate. Requests that have their own funding have a higher chance of being approved by the Space Planning Committee as these projects are not competing for the limited pool of funds available in the Renovation and Alteration Reserve. Once completed the requests will be sent to the Expansion Committee who prioritize the entire list of requests and determine how a very limited budget will be allocated.

Approved requests become projects and are managed by Facilities Management. The Space Planning Committee is a Vice Presidential level group and NOT part of Facilities Management. It is a group looking at the overall interests of MRU.

For Renovations and Alterations Requests – call 403.440.7020 or enter online through Frontline.

Moves: Whether you’re moving your entire office or a small bookshelf out of the office, moves begin with the creation of an online move request in Frontline. The request must be completed and forwarded to your areas Director, Dean, or Associate Vice President. Only AFTER it has been approved will it be forwarded to the Moves Committee consisting of Facilities Management and Information Technology who will then begin the work to make the move happen. If you need assistance creating your request you can call 403.440.5633 but they cannot act until you’ve secured internal approval.
For Moves requests submit a Frontline request.

Wayfinding & Signage: For wayfinding and signage requests including procurement, installation, repairs, and inquiries, submit a Frontline request.

Furniture Procurement: Purchasing furniture or securing the use of surplus furniture is best performed by using Frontline to create a Work Order and establish a request. Only Facilities Management is authorized to purchase furniture as design standards, quality, compatibility, and cost are all considered to ensure quality and consistency throughout the university.

For Furniture Procurement requests submit a Frontline request. 

Inquiries Contact - 403.440.5578 (Tiffany Hansen)

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