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    Jodi Nickel studies how teachers’ professional identity impacts their commitment to the profession

    Professional Identity


    Professor Trevor Day and a team of researchers visit Mount Everest to study high altitude hypoxia

    Reaching new heights


    Joe Pavelka conducts field school expeditions to Peru with an interdisciplinary team of students

    Steps to change


    Professor Vic Calvert studies community-based economic growth in rural Alberta

    Revitalizing rural Alberta



A young university with more than a century of excellence in teaching and learning, Mount Royal is becoming one of Canada’s top undergraduate universities.

At Mount Royal, teaching excellence is evident wherever you look. You’ll find it in a quiet classroom fifteen minutes after class, as a professor helps a student better understand an essential principle. You’ll find it in our Academic Development Centre, dedicated to supporting faculty with state-of-the-art teaching resources, reference material and tools. You’ll find it in a meeting room as a Dean, a faculty member and a corporate partner work to create an innovative Directed Field Studies placement, giving students the chance to apply their learning in real-world situations.

With Mount Royal’s distinctive mix of foundational and professional programs, our emphasis on teaching and learning serves two purposes. It is outcome-driven, with specific areas of study focused on preparing our students to pursue studies in graduate or professional schools or to excel in real-world workplaces. It also encompasses the practices of critical thinking and intellectual exploration that will empower students to “teach themselves” in every sphere of life, long after graduation.

This is at the heart of what makes Mount Royal University a different academic environment — and a uniquely fulfilling one.