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Founded in 1910 and located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mount Royal University has built a reputation on a strong, liberal education foundation. Our vision is to provide an exceptional undergraduate educational experience for our students.

We are a community of engaged citizens, providing personalized, experiential and outcome-based learning in an environment of inclusion, diversity and respect. Through our focus on teaching and learning informed by scholarship, we are preparing our graduates for success in their careers and lives.

Mount Royal University presently offers 12 four-year baccalaureate degrees with 31 majors, with a view to grow this mix to 15 degrees and 60 majors by 2025. Current degree offerings are unique, and include four-year bachelor degrees in interior design, midwifery, child studies and health and physical education, as well as arts, criminal justice, business administration, communication, computer information systems, education, nursing and science. Mount Royal also offers robust continuing education programming as well as an internationally-renowned music conservatory.

More than 11,000 credit and nearly 23,000 extension students attend Mount Royal University annually, with more than 90,000 Mount Royal alumni contributing to their communities worldwide.

Our faculty provide a teaching and learning environment that welcomes challenging ideas. Our staff are dedicated to supporting our campus so that students are provided with an exceptional educational experience. Our management team provides leadership throughout the University, and inspires others at all levels to be leaders in their own important sectors.

In support of our students, and in response to our broader community, we know that investing in our employees benefits the University as a whole. Talented and committed employees are the driving force behind student success. Our faculty, staff and management are united in creating a thriving learning environment for our students.

Mount Royal University is an exceptional community focused on our people.

Competition Title Department Open Closing
D6664SG Contract Instructor, English Faculty of Arts July 11th, 2017 August 6th, 2017
D6661ES Associate or Assistant Professor, Public Relations Faculty of Business and Communication Studies June 26th, 2017 August 15th, 2017
D6662DM Assistant Professor, Education Faculty of Health, Community and Education June 16th, 2017 Open until a suitable candidate is found.
9019DM Assistant Professor, Advanced Studies in Critical Care School of Nursing and Midwifery April 6th, 2017 Open until a suitable candidate is found.
Clinical/Lab Contract Instructors, Nursing Clinical or Lab Faculty of Health, Community and Education April 3rd, 2017 Open until a suitable candidate is found.
9764DM Assistant Professors, Social Work Faculty of Health, Community and Education March 30th, 2017 Open until a suitable candidate is found.