Cite Sources

Cite Sources

The staff at the library service desk will be happy to help with specific questions about citation or connecting you with information resources about citing.

For more in depth help, and handouts that are assistive-technology friendly (e.g., JAWS), students should contact  Student Learning Services  (403.440.6452). As well, subject-specific citation handouts are available in the subject guides

Student Learning Services provides daily drop in citation help during the Fall and Winter semesters from 12 - 1:30 pm.

A note about citation style guidelines: Many citation format guidelines are open to interpretation. For this reason your instructor is the final authority of the subject of citation for any given assignment.Citation Styles




Other styles

Other helpful sites

 Annotated bibliographies

Sources about writing annotated bibliographies include:

 Why Do We CiteIn all academic assignments, you must properly cite all ideas and work you use that are not your own. to ensure the integrity of your work. Citations also strengthen your work because they reflect the effort you have put into doing research, and add context to your argument. 

Failure to cite your sources constitutes plagiarism (see below).

Want to know more? Check out some of these sources:

Plagiarism: Information for students and faculty

Under the Student Code of Conduct failure to cite properly is an academic offense and constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone else's work, words, or ideas and representing them as your own without giving credit to the author. 

Plagiarism in an academic offense; consequences can include failure of and expulsion from a course. See section 5.0 and 6.0 in the Student Code of Conduct for information on academic dishonesty and consequences of academic dishonesty. 

MRU Library periodically holds a faculty professional development workshop on plagiarism. Links, examples, and more information about how to detect plagiarism can be found at Detecting Plagiarism.

More information about plagiarism at Mount Royal is available here