Using the Library

Audiovisual Equipment

Audiocassette Players/Recorders & CD Players
Tape players are available for cassette playback or voice recording. Portable stereos are equipped with a single or double tape deck and CD player.

Come in a set of 42 and provide interactive classroom instruction. Faculty can receive training from ADC (403.440.6042). Students must have their Instructor book clickers for classroom use.

Digital Cameras
Digital video cameras and digital still cameras are available. Cameras may be used with a tripod. They can be loaned to students for a maximum 24-hour period. User should supply their own SD memory card. Images may be downloaded / edited at Media Productions (Room T115). Please contact Media Productions (403.440.6564) to book a time.

For display of posters and/or signage

Flip Charts
Please supply your own paper and markers.

Laptop Computers
Laptops are available, and may be connected to an LCD projector which will enable your computer image (eg. PowerPoint presentation) to be projected onto a screen. All laptops have wireless capability. Students may borrow laptops for an overnight loan. These are signed out on a first come/first served basis. Late fines are $5/hour. All laptops are loaded with standard university software.

Slide Projectors (35 mm)
Standard accessories include a slide carousel and remote control.

Remote (Wireless) Mice
Most commonly used for PowerPoint, giving you the ability to move around the classroom during a presentation.

To be used if necessary with a digital camera. A tripod will allow a steadier image as well as ensuring that the camera is not dropped.

TV/VCR/DVD/Blu-ray Carts
Available for use in all accessible general purpose classrooms for VHS/DVD/Blu-ray playback.

Portable LCD Projectors
Available for off campus use.