Funeral Director Certificate

Funeral Director Certificate

The Funeral Director Certificate prepares you to serve families as a funeral director and to meet the academic and experience requirements for licensing established by the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board. 

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Complete 11 courses (1,800 hours) with a minimum grade of C in each course.
The program is completed through part-time studies within 1 year but must be completed within 6 years.


Step by Step Registration Guide:

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  2. Search by term (e.g.  Fall 2017 CREDIT or Winter 2018 CREDIT) and then Submit
  3. Select the subject:  e.g. Funeral Service and then Course Search. Tip: You can choose multiple subjects by holding CTRL while selecting each subject.
  4. Find the course name and number (e.g. XFDC 10001) and click on View Sections.  All of the scheduled sections in the term will display.  If there is a tutorial or laboratory connected to the lecture, there will be a note. 
  5. Select your courses for the semester and Submit.


Program Planning Guide
Please see the attached guide to help you with your Program Planning:
Program Planning Guide - Funeral Director Certificate
Review work experience requirements for your program.

Course Descriptions


48 hours, online
This course will provide an introduction to funeral directing, including the history of funeral service, the role and profession of the funeral director and laws and regulations governing the profession. The roles of the Medical Examiner, police, and health care facility will be examined and the requirements of a first call situation and body transfer will be studied.
15 hours, online
Begin to develop a personal philosophy for conflict resolution as you explore the benefits mediation and negotiation in a variety of settings. Assess your ability to communicate effectively and discover your personal style of handling conflict. Recognize the importance of separating the people from the problem and begin to apply conflict management processes.
48 hours, online
This course examines the social and psychological aspects of death and dying, such as historical and cross-cultural variability in death attitudes, spirituality, the dying process, ethical issues such as euthanasia and suicide, bereavement, burial practices and death perceptions across the life-span.
48 hours, online
This course will examine contemporary funeral practices and traditions related to a variety of religions and cultures. Various protocols for military and government funerals will be studied as well as the requirements for individuals with special needs. Funeral arrangements from first call through post-funeral follow-up will be studied in detail.
15 hours, online
Begin to examine the concepts of negotiating with integrity and consider their application in the business community. Identify key skills and processes which assist in effective negotiations and consider key elements in preparing to negotiate. Be introduced to the 4-Stage model of negotiation: interests, options, agreements and alternatives.
48 hours, online
This course explores effective business communication. Students will learn to write more effectively according to the seven C?s; clearly, completely, concisely, concretely, courteously, considerately and correctly. Appropriate formats for business letters, emails, reports and presentations are examined. Use of digital communication and social media will be explored.
32 hours, online
The funeral service is studied in detail including preparation, roles and responsibilities of various staff, cortege and graveyard services. Aftercare services for bereaved families will be discussed including wills, estates and application for benefits. Special topics inherent to the industry such as cremation, pre-need sales, self-care, conducting complex funerals and disaster management will also be studied.
48 hours, online
This course introduces students to the key elements of strategic business operations including leadership, organizational culture, human resources and image. Various components of a business plan including management, financing, customers, marketing, legal structures and financial projections will be highlighted.
32 hours, online
This course will provide a framework to review and understand the laws and regulations that govern the daily work of a funeral service professional in preparation for licensing exams. Current trends and issues in funeral service will be explored.
320 hours, office campus
Students will practice the funeral directing skills they have learned throughout the program in a 320-hour employment or volunteer experience. Students are responsible for securing a placement within a licensed funeral home and may be required to relocate.

800 hours off campus
For Funeral Director Certificate program (pre Fall 2015 program start). This paid supervised employment experience is professional in nature and transitions students into increased responsibility within a funeral home. Develop professional interaction and communication skills while applying laws and regulations. Students are responsible for securing employment within a licensed funeral home and employer support to document 25 funeral arrangement conferences.

Program Outcomes

  • Plan, arrange and direct funeral ceremonies.
  • Be considerate of and respond to various religious and cultural traditions associated with death.
  • Interpret and apply various acts and regulations which govern the funeral service profession in Alberta.
  • Communicate and work effectively with families, government, health and legal agencies.
  • Practice the companioning aspect of caregiving.


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