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Our writing courses cover many different styles. Whether exploring creative writing, travel writing or writing for children you will learn the conventions of narrative craft and character development. Develop skills like copyediting, writing in various genres, and publishing and promoting written work.

  •  Learn more about writing from well-established published authors.
  • Learn how to get your work published.
  • Understand the importance of research.

Creative Writing, Level 1
Discover how to use plot, voice, theme, setting and characterization successfully. Gain valuable feedback on your writing and discuss excerpts from a selection of successful published stories.

Subject code: XCRW 1000520 Hours. Fee $259 
CRN 50117
8 classesMay 8 - June 267 - 9:30 p.m.Tues.

Creative Writing, Level 2

Discover techniques for creating compelling characters, settings and plots, explore the freefall approach to writing, and discuss how to market your writing. Gain valuable feedback from others and hone your editing skills.
Recommend: Creative Writing Level 1 or equivalent

Subject code: XCRW 1000720 Hours. Fee: $259Not offered this semester

Writing Life Stories
Interested in writing a life story? Create a balance between matters of the head and heart. Explore the use of interviews, journals, diaries, memoirs and letters in turning a life into a story.

Subject code: XCRW 1003815 Hours. Fee: $189+GSTNot offered this semester

Writing for Children and Young Adults 
Explore the process of writing books for children and young adults aged 8 to 12.  Focus on structure, character development and research, and their importance in your stories.  Examine how to turn a creative story idea into a marketable, finished manuscript.

Subject code: XCRW 1003612 Hours. Fee: $189+GSTNot offered this semester

Writing for Publication
Have you ever read a novel, short story or nonfiction article and thought, “I could have written that”? This workshop shows you where to find ideas and turn them into a marketable venture. Half the class is spent exploring novels, short stories and non-fiction projects from concept to draft, the other half discussing how the various markets operate. This class is ideal for novice writers wishing to write material for publication.

Subject code: XCRW 100016 Hours. Fee: $139+GST
CRN 501871 classJune 29 a.m. - 4 p.m.Sat.

Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
Dreamed of writing for film, TV or theatre? Discuss dramatic conflict, scene structure, dialogue and format - especially film format. Previous writing experience is an asset.
Instructor: Daniel Libman, with 50+ professional productions across North America

Subject code: XCRW 10003 20 Hours. Fee: $269+GSTNot offered this semester

Life Into Story: Transforming Experiences Into Fiction
Got a great story idea inspired by real life events but not sure how or where or why to begin writing it? In this one-day workshop you will explore characters, plots, and settings derived from real life. We will also consider how closely fiction should resemble real life and whether some ideas are better suited to fiction or creative nonfiction.

Subject code: XCRW 100415 Hours. Fee: $95+GSTNot offered this semester

Short-Stories Boot Camp: Zero to 500 Words in One Day
Want to write a 500-word story in one day? In this workshop you will consider what the essential elements of a short story are. You will come up with a first draft through freefall writing, rewrite and revise and get feedback. The result will be a solid 500 words of story that you can take home and polish. Come prepared to write and share; bring an idea to work on or use an in-class prompt.

Subject code: XCRW 100425 Hours. Fee: $95+GSTNot offered this semester

Grammar and Style for Creative Writers
Acquire tools of the trade to polish your writing style and find out when it's okay to break the rules. This workshop is for creative writers who want to tell stories well and become familiar with correct grammar and punctuation.

Subject code: XCRW 100325 Hours. Fee: $95+GST Not offered this semester

Writing Historical Fiction **Newly Revised
Learn how to write effective, authentic and appealing historical fiction and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. Learn how research plays a crucial role in the creation of your novel. The course involves assignments, discussions, and writing exercises, and also covers aspects of the writing process. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XCRW 1004312 Hours. Fee: $149+GST 
CRN 503552 classesJune 9 - 109 a.m. - 4 p.m.Sat., Sun.

Writing Non-Fiction Books for Young Adult Readers
Interested in writing and publishing non-fiction books for young readers? Fill your notebooks with ideas and queries. Get started on an outline and book proposal that include the information that editors prefer. These outlines and proposals are useful even after your book is finished. Get professional advice from an author of over two dozen books for three major educational publishers.

Subject code: XCRW 1004012 Hours. Fee: $149+GSTNot offered this semester


Lori Hahnelssadata_ce_bio_arts_lori_hahnel
Lori Hahnel was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, and has lived in Calgary since age eleven. Love Minus Zero (Oberon, 2008), her first novel, is loosely based on her experience in Calgary’s first all-female rock band. Nothing Sacred (Thistledown, 2009), a collection of short fiction, was shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award. Her work has aired on CBC Radio and appeared in many anthologies and journals including The Fiddlehead, Prairie Fire and The Antigonish Review.

As well as serving as Calgary writer-in-residence for The Canadian Authors Association, Lori has given workshops through The Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society and Calgary Public Library. She is a co-founder and participant in Calgary’s Writing in the Works reading series, and belongs to The Writers Guild of Alberta, The Alexandra Writers Centre Society, The Canadian Authors Association and The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Simon RoseSSADATA_ce_bio_creative_writing_rose
Simon Rose is the author of The Alchemist’s Portrait, The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy, The Emerald Curse, The Heretic’s Tomb, The Doomsday Mask, The Time Camera and The Sphere of Septimus. He is also a contributor to The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, has written many nonfiction books with Weigl Publishers and Capstone, is the author of numerous articles, and has written online material for the corporate market.

Simon offers a wide variety of presentations, workshops and author-in-residence programs for schools, along with virtual author visits by video using Skype. He is an instructor for adults interested in writing for children and young adults and offers a variety of online course and workshops for both children and adults.

Simon offers a number of services for writers, including coaching and editing. Full details can be found at his website www.simon-rose.com. You may also visit his channel on YouTube, follow him on Twitter or connect on Facebook.

Vivian Hansen  MFAssadata_ce_Vivian_Hansen
Vivian Hansen has published in many Canadian journals, in genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  Her work includes A Bitter Mood of Clouds, and A Tincture of Sunlight (Frontenac House 2017).  Other work includes Angel Alleythe victims of Jack the Ripper, and Leylines of My Flesh (Touchwood 2002).  She is a member of The League of Canadian Poets, and The Writers Guild of Alberta.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

Daniel Libmanssadata_ce_daniel_libman
Daniel Libman has had close to 50 play productions across Canada, including — in Alberta — the Citadel Theatre, Workshop West, Chinook, ATP, Lunchbox, and Quest. He's also been produced in L.A., Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and New York. His play Cecil & CleopaYtra has been optioned for a commercial run Off-Broadway. An actor in film & TV, Daniel also coordinates and teaches at Quest Theatre School.

Naomi K. Lewisssadata_ce_naomi_k_lewis
Naomi K. Lewis is a fiction writer, ghostwriter, magazine editor and freelance journalist. Born in England, Naomi grew up in Washington DC and Ottawa, and made her way to Calgary via Toronto, Fredericton and Edmonton. She completed an MA in English and creative writing at the University of New Brunswick and has taught writing for the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension. Naomi is the author of one novel, Cricket in a Fist (Goose Lane Editions, 2008), and her short stories have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies, including the 2008 Journey Prize Anthology. 

Faye Reineberg-Holt
ssadata_ce_faye_reineberg-holtFaye Reineberg Holt loves working with words and stories from our past. She has published 10 nonfiction books based on the true stories and circumstances of Western Canada’s past. As well, she co-authored Alberta: 100 Journeys for the Alberta Motor Association. It includes 33 travel articles, but she has also published additional articles on writing, family history and local history. With her added interest in photography, many of her works include contemporary or early photographs. Additional publishing credits include individual poems, a poetry chapbook and short stories.

As well, Faye has edited two books for trade publishers and one for a self-publishing client. She has offered manuscript reading services through writing organizations and privately and is a past editor for Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society (AWCS) Freefall magazine. As a writer-in-residence for the Calgary Public Library and for the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, she mentored new and emerging writers and continues to do so by instructing a variety of writing workshops. A long time instructor for Continuing Education at Mount Royal, she has also instructed for Women’s Words at U of A and for many other organizations. In addition, she has offered many readings at schools, libraries and museums from Saskatchewan to BC. She is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, The Writers’ Union of Canada, the Canadian Authors Association and AWCS.


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