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Floral Design Certificate of Completion

Your creativity and technique will blossom with these introductory floral design courses. Learn the skills to design and care for fresh flower arrangements. All fresh flowers are included in course fees.


  • Indulge your love of plants and flowers
  • Develop your creativity and eye for design
  • Prepare to enter the floral design industry
  • Learn floral design skills for weddings and other events

Program Format

  • Complete the 3 required courses (54 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 semester up to a maximum of 3 years

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Block Code Registration

Register for the entire program at once and receive a 10% discount!
Please note: Online registration is not available for Block Codes. Please phone Continuing Education Registration at 403.440.3833 to register.

Fast Track Schedule (3 weeks)

Block Code Fee: $1,221.30  Daytime Fast Track Only
(Block Code for Level 1, 2 & 3)
Mar. 3-5
Mar. 10-12
Mar. 17-19
(daytime fast track)
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Fri., Sat., Sun.
Fri., Sat., Sun.
Fri., Sat., Sun.

Required Courses

All courses in the Floral Design Certificate of Completion are offered every semester.

Floral Design, Level 1
Explore the basics of floral design, including the care and handling of fresh flowers. Learn the fundamental concepts of floral design and gain the necessary foundation for employment in the floral industry.
Note: You may take this course even if you don’t plan to finish the certificate of completion.

Subject code: XFLD 10001 18 Hours. Fee: $429  Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 30786
3 classes Jan. 21-Feb. 4 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sat.
CRN 30073 6 classes Jan 24-Feb. 9 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tue. & Thu.
CRN 30076 3 classes Mar. 3-5 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri., Sat., Sun.

Floral Design, Level 2
Advance your floral arranging skills with exciting new design ideas. Gain valuable hands-on experience with current industry concepts.
Recommended: Floral Design, Level 1

Subject code: XFLD 10002 18 Hours. Fee: $459  Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 30788 3 classes Feb. 11-12
Feb. 25
9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sat., Sun. &
CRN 30224 6 classes Feb. 21-Mar. 9 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tue. & Thu.
CRN 30127 3 classes Mar. 10-12 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri., Sat., Sun.

Floral Design, Level 3
Further develop your creativity and explore the elements of design. Practice the latest trends in floral design technique. Explore a variety of flowers, including tropicals, and use them to create distinctive, stylish arrangements to take home. 
Recommended: Floral Design, Level 2

Subject code: XFLD 10003 18 Hours. Fee: $469  Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 30253 6 classes Mar. 14-30 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tue. & Thu.
CRN 30469 3 classes Mar. 17-19 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri., Sat., Sun.
CRN 30790 3 classes Mar. 25-Apr. 1 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sat. & Sun.

Individual Floral Courses

Not part of the Floral Design Certificate of Completion (see above)

Come on your own or with friends and create a beautiful arrangement for your home or as a gift for someone special. Beginners are welcome in all classes unless a prerequisite is listed.

A Career in the Floral Industry
Considering a career in the floral industry? Find out about working in a floral shop. Explore career opportunities.

Subject code: XFLD 10097 2.5 Hours. Fee $49+GST  offered in spring 2017

Fairy Garden Terrarium
Sign up with your child (5-13) to each make a fairy garden terrarium. Children over 14 can attend class alone. Please phone in to register. All supplies will be provided.

Subject code: XFLD 101282.5 Hours. Fee $59+GST 
CRN 309251 classApr. 3012:30-2 p.m.Sun.

Trio of Terrariums
Use your creativity to make three small terrariums to take home or give as gifts. Terrariums are a popular natural decoration used in homes, offices and restaurants. This type of plant – succulents, air plants, cacti, moss and tropicals – live for a long time and are easily cared for. All materials, containers and plants will be supplied.

Subject code: XFLD 10126 3 Hours. Fee: $89+GST  
CRN 30706 1 class Apr. 30 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Sun.

Decorating with Flowers
Floral design can enhance home staging, entertaining or beautifying your daily space in simple, beautiful, economical ways. Create six fresh floral arrangements to take home while learning about flower combinations, colours and containers suitable for décor.

Subject code: XFLD 10123 9 Hours. Fee: $229+GST  Not offered this semester.

Minimalist Floral Design
Create a minimalist floral arrangement. Learn to use leaves and foliage with a modern approach, using leaf sculpting and minimal flowers.

Subject code: XFLD 101302.5 Hours. Fee: $59+GSTNot offered this semester

Tropical Arrangement
If you enjoy tropical flowers, come and make an arrangement to take home. You will learn about tropical flowers and which ones are suitable for arrangements.

Subject code: XFLD 101313 Hours. Fee: $79+GSTNot offered this semester

Floral Therapy
Learn how the colours and fragrances of flowers and affect you and others in your environment. Create two arrangements that create differing moods.
Instructor: Lea Romanowski, whose company Designing on the Edge won a 2015 international Gala award

Subject code: XFLD 10122 6 Hours. Fee: $159+GST  
CRN 309241 classApr. 239 a.m.-4 p.m.Sun.

Easter Blooms 
Create a stunning Easter floral arrangement.

Subject code: XFLD 101042.5 Hours. Fee: $85+GST 
CRN 301281 classApr. 106:30-9 p.m.Mon.

Corsage Basics
Would you like to make corsages for special occasions? This one-day workshop introduces you to wiring techniques, construction of a corsage and boutonniere, bow-making techniques, and conditioning of flowers before and after construction to extend life. Create two corsages and two boutonnieres. Subject code: XFLD 10083.

Subject code: XFLD 10083 3 Hours. Fee: $95+GST Not offered this semester. 

NEW! Christmas Grinch Table Centre
Create your own Grinch tree using cedar branches, bring your own ornaments to decorate this long lasting Christmas arrangement.

Subject code: XFLD 101292.5 Hours. Fee: $89+GST Not offered this semester

Christmas Table Centre and Decorations
Create a festive table for Christmas. Build a fresh floral centrepiece with mixed Christmas greens, fresh flowers, ribbon and candles. Create your own festive napkin rings and design tent place cards for your holiday table. All materials are included in the course.
Note: Limit of 15 students
Instructor: Lea Romanowski, whose company Designing on the Edge won a 2015 international Gala award

Subject code: XFLD 10089 6 Hours. Fee: $149+GST  Not offered this semester

Fresh Christmas Wreath
Excite your senses with the smell of fresh Christmas greens as you create your own Christmas wreath for your front door. This fresh Christmas wreath is created using a wire wreath form, decorative bows, berries, twigs and an assortment of pine and cedar boughs.

Subject code: XFLD 10088 4 Hours. Fee: $129+GST  Not offered this semester

Outdoor Christmas Container
Make a stunning outdoor Christmas container for your garden or front yard using an assortment of greens such as cedar, pine, fir, branches and pine cones as well as seasonal ribbon. Enjoy your outdoor Christmas container creation throughout the holiday season.

Subject code: XFLD 10106 2.5 Hours. Fee: $129+GST  Not offered this semester


Create Your Own Valentine's Arrangement
Your sweetheart will be delighted with this unique creation and beautiful variation of flowers and foliage.

Subject code: XFLD 10100 2.5 Hours. Fee $75+GST  Not offered this semester.

Ikebana, The Art of Japanese Floral Design 
Ikebana is an art form created in Japan, using flowers and plant materials to express the beauty of nature, emphasizing line, rhythm, space and harmony. Express your creativity through this art form, whether you are new to floral arrangement or would like to broaden your skills. Bring home a beautiful Ikebana arrangement each week.

Subject code: XFLD 10099 9 Hours. Fee: $199+GST Not offered this semester

Ikebana, Level 2
Expand on the floral techniques you learned in Ikebana, The Art of Japanese Floral Design. Explore vertical, horizontal, straight and curved line compositional techniques that express the beauty and strength of your materials. Learn to create dynamic colour schemes and how to arrange flowers into shapes. Take home a unique arrangement each week.
Recommended: Ikebana, The Art of Japanese Floral Design or Floral Design Level 1 or work in the floral industry

Subject code: XFLD 10115 12 Hours. Fee: $285+GST Not offered this semester 

Contemporary Floral Designs     
Think outside the box! Explore unconventional techniques to design and create a vibrant floral arrangement that is trendy, beautiful and sure to attract attention. Use a unique assortment of tropical flowers and greens to create a special arrangement to take home.

Subject code: XFLD 10112 2.5 Hours. Fee: $85+GST Not offered this semester

Preparing Your Garden for Winter
Prepare your trees, shrubs and flowerbeds for the cold winter months to guarantee a better yard and garden next spring. Explore seasonal care and preparation, find out which types of plants best withstand Calgary’s climate and when to plant your fall bulbs. Look at pruning, watering, fertilization, mulching and working with nature.

Subject code: XFLD 10048 4 Hours. Fee: $49+GST Not offered this semester

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