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Social Media for Business Extension Certificate  

Social media tools have created a two-way conversation between customers and marketers that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their target audiences. Learn how with only a few hours per week and little to no financial investment, you can become an active, collaborative social media contributor, and drive results in line with your business objectives.

As you gain hands-on experience through real-world situations and case studies, you will explore social media terminology and develop executable social media tactics you can implement now into your marketing strategy.

Earning Your Extension Certificate
Complete the 5 required courses (90 hours) with a minimum of 75% attendance, successful completion of all classroom assignments and exercises, and a minimum grade of 65% on a final project.

Program Completion
Can be completed within 1 semester up to a maximum of 5 years.

Career Outlook
Successful completion of the Social Media for Business Extension Certificate may lead to an entry-level communications position with social media marketing responsibilities.

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Register for the entire program at once.
Note: Online registration is not available for Block Codes. You are registering in 5 separate courses. See Withdrawal Policy.

Block CodeNot offered this semester

Required Courses

Foundations of Social Media for Business    
Learn to leverage the power of digital word-of-mouth networks. In this foundational course, analyze the role that common social media platforms play in business transactions and explore the power of social media tools to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Subject code: XCSP 1001715 Hours. Fee: $399  
CRN 506805 classesMay 19-Jun. 26-9 p.m.Tue., Thu.

Social Media Strategy
Learn to create a practical and effective social media strategy. As part of a group project, develop social media objectives, advanced target market profiles, engagement maps and several content development frameworks. This approach is effective regardless of the channels used.  

Subject code: XCSP 1001815 Hours. Fee: $399 Not offered this semester

Branding and Online Communities
Explore how online communities deepen customer trust and loyalty, increase employee engagement, manage brand reputation and stimulate word of mouth marketing. Acquire a set of advanced digital marketing skills to build an authentic and powerful online community.

Subject code: XCSP 1001915 Hours. Fee: $399  Not offered this semester

Social Media Analytics and Optimization 
Gain functional knowledge and practical experience with a variety of digital measurement tools. Learn to measure the awareness, attention, reach and influence of your brand using social media. Discuss effective goal-setting and learn to build sustainable marketing campaigns on the web.

Subject code: XCSP 1002015 Hours. Fee: $399  
CRN 303995 classesMar. 12-Mar. 266-9 p.m.Tue., Thu.

Social Media Final Project    
Apply the knowledge you gained in all previous courses to address a marketing challenge in a real-world organization. Working in groups, partner with local non-profit organizations to develop a comprehensive social media plan to address their specific situations.
Prerequisite: Previous 4 Social Media for Business courses

Subject code: XCSP 1002130 Hours. Fee: $539 
CRN 3040010 classesMar. 31-Apr. 306-9 p.m.Tue., Thu.

Social Media One-Day Workshops

Note: These workshops are not part of the certificate program (above).

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become an important part of the marketing landscape. It allows organizations to target customers based on topics they are searching for, as well as their location, age, education and other demographics. Using both primary search (using the latest SEO techniques) and paid search (using Google AdWords), learn proven best practices for search engine campaigns.

Subject code: XCIW 1006215 Hours. Fee: $299Not offered this semester

Social Media for Leaders
With the rising use of social media in business, leaders must ensure that their organizations embrace the new opportunities while managing the risks. Gain a management perspective on social media principles that can be immediately applied to real business situations.

Subject code: XCSP 1003215 Hours. Fee: $279Not offered this semester

Twitter for Business
Twitter is changing the way consumers and businesses communicate. Explore how powerful 140 characters can be in the growth and branding of your business. Examine Twitter’s place in customer service, lead generation and relationship building, and learn the basics to get started.

Subject code: XCSP 100163 Hours. Fee: $109 Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 303911 classMar. 186-9 p.m.Wed.
CRN 505811 classMay 126-9 p.m.Tue.

Facebook for Business
The reigning champion of social media networks, Facebook attracts over one billion users and millions of businesses. Competition for "likes" and engagement has also increased. Learn current best practices, Facebook advertising and study some of the leading brands on Facebook.

Subject code: XCSP 10013  3 Hours. Fee: $109Not offered this semester

Blogging for Business
Content is the cornerstone of a modern marketing strategy, and your blog is one of the most important marketing assets available. Learn best practices, strategies and tactics for business blogging. This course covers advanced post structure, content idea generation, SEO for bloggers and simple analytics, and touches on monetization.

Subject code: XCSP 100145 Hours. Fee: $149  
CRN 304431 classMar. 289 a.m.-3 p.m.Sat.

LinkedIn for Business
LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing and most powerful of all social media platforms for business purposes. Walk through a complete profile, examine additional applications and features for your profile, explore personal branding and cross-platform connectivity, participate in a relevant group and learn to manage your inbox.

Subject code: XCSP 100153 Hours. Fee: $109  Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 304441 classApr. 86-9 p.m.Wed.
CRN 502461 classJun. 166-9 p.m.Tue.

Managing Content for Social Media
Learn how to find interesting and relevant content to share on social media channels, which content works best on which platforms and how to write engaging links that compel audiences to click through to read shared content (or share, comment etc.).

Subject code: XCSP 100373 Hours. Fee: $109 
CRN 309451 classApr. 136-9 p.m.Mon.

Using Video with Social Media
Build on your knowledge of social media for business and learn the basics of web video. Learn how online video and social media can work together to help build and bring awareness to your business or brand.

Subject code: XCSP 100393 Hours. Fee: $109 
CRN 309321 classApr. 206-9 p.m.Mon.

Brand Reputation Management
Most businesses live and die on their reputation—and just one bad review can have a serious impact. Learn how to deal with negative comments and reviews, build positive brand sentiment, and take control of your brand reputation.

Subject code: XCSP 100383 Hours. Fee: $109 Not offered this semester


Program Requirements

  • You must have strong computer and file management skills.
  • You must be comfortable working in a Windows environment.
  • Previous work with or a strong interest in social media is highly recommended.
  • Although you do not need special software, you must have access to an up-to-date computer for occasional out-of-class work including access to the Internet, use of CD-ROMs, practice files, assignments, etc.

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