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    Community Paramedicine Extension Certificate launching Fall 2018

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    New learning pathway created for military members at Continuing Education at Mount Royal

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    Starting Fall 2018 - Cannabis Education Program

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    Massage Therapy students put their research into action

Scholarship Recipients

The Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension would like to congratulate the scholarship recipients. 

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Flames Foundation for Life Recipients

 "I am so grateful for the scholarship that you kindly extended to me, and am delighted to have the chance to personally thank you. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found something in life that I am passionate about, and dedicated to - Healthy Living & Fitness Training. Your generous scholarship is helping me to pursue my goal to become a leader in my chosen field, and in my aim to be someone who can truly make a difference in other peoples lives. Thank you again."

- Thomas Warren

 "Receiving this scholarship has helped me immensely. Since I want to be the best Personal Fitness Trainer possible, I have decided to use this money towards continuing my education in nutrition. This summer, I will be enrolling in Holistic Nutrition and working towards my diploma so as to be able to better serve future clients. Thank you for your support in helping me work towards my passion."

- Adriana Leach

"Thank you very much for having helped me through school. It has made it easier for me to concentrate on my studies and excel. Going to school full-time and trying to pay for it is always a trial. Thank you for helping to make this journey easier."

- Katelyn Mah

World Health Club Recipient

Brandon Senger

Massage Therapy Diploma

Massage Heights Recipient

"Studying in the Massage Therapy program at Mount Royal was instrumental to the life changes I have made over the last two years. The life of a full-time student was a big change from the steady paycheque of a working professional – and it was absolutely worth it. I was very grateful to receive the Healing Hands Scholarship not only from a monetary perspective but also as a token of encouragement. I felt that being awarded the scholarship showed that I was doing something right because industry professionals recognized my efforts. Thank you."

- Erika Bell


Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

World Heath Club Recipient

"As both students and parents are well aware, post secondary education can be quite expensive. The generous gift from World Health Club allows me to continue my academic journey, pursuing something that I absolutely love. Upon completion of my program I know that I will graduate from MRU with the tools necessary for me to be successful in the health and fitness industry. World Heath Club plays a large role in this and I am very appreciative of their involvement in helping students achieve success."

- Patrick Bernat

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