Perinatal Nursing

Perinatal Nursing Extension Certificate



This comprehensive program builds important knowledge and clinical skills in perinatal nursing. The curriculum allows you to focus on critical moments in the mother and neonate’s care, contributing to confident assessment and treatment during the childbearing continuum. Students plan and implement holistic, humanistic and individualized nursing care in collaboration with the family and other health-care providers. This program offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth and further career opportunities.

"The Perinatal Nursing Extension Certificate was an invaluable step in my goal of changing the direction of my nursing career to a more maternal-child health focus. The online courses were thorough and helped to prepare me for my clinical experience. The instructors provided guidance and were quick to address any concerns or questions that I had. Obtaining more hands on clinical knowledge and skills was exactly what I was looking for in order to increase my confidence in this area of nursing. I look forward to continuing to develop this aspect of my career."

- Abi White, Perinatal Nursing graduate



  • Expand your expertise and skills to provide new career opportunities
  • Complete the 210-hour clinical experience course to integrate and apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting
  • Nurses who have worked a minimum of 2 years in their specialty of nursing can apply to PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) the Clinical Experience course. Contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

Program details

Format: Online and practicum

Duration: Complete the four required courses and 210-hour clinical experience (minimum passing grade required). Can be completed in 1.5 years to up to a maximum of 6 years.

The listed course hours indicate the estimated time to review the online learning units. Your actual time spent completing assignments may vary.


  • Graduates with a degree in nursing or senior-level nursing students with approval from home institution

  • Current, active nursing registration with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) or equivalent from another province is required prior to the perinatal clinical experience course

  • If applying from a country other than Canada, the student must be eligible for registration with the CARNA

  • Evidence of current registration with the Neonatal Resuscitation Program is required prior to commencing the perinatal clinical experience course

  • LPNs are welcome to register for the Perinatal Development and Homeostasis and Perinatal Assessment courses for general interest

  • Clinical Experience Expectations - The clinical coordinator will determine the 210-hour instructor-guided clinical placement depending on the availability of clinical facilities and on your learning needs, skill development and competence. This is an unpaid clinical experience.

  • APA 6 formatting standards must be met when completing all assignments.
  • Course materials: Textbooks may be required for some courses. Please review textbook requirements upon registration. Textbooks and associated fees can be viewed in advance by going to the BookStore and searching by subject code (e.g.: XNPN for Perinatal Nursing) and course number (e.g., 10007).

This program includes periods of placement or observation experience with community institutions or agencies as part of the course requirements. Many of these institutions or agencies, either for statutory reasons (e.g. Protection for Persons in Care Act) or for policy reasons, require police information or other background checks from employees as well. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain, at the student's expense, the necessary checks. In some circumstances, the checks will be provided by the student directly to the institution or agency.

In some circumstances, the checks will be provided by the student directly to the institution or agency. In other circumstances, the institution or agency will require Mount Royal to coordinate the submission of the checks for all students in a particular course or program. Where Mount Royal is involved in the process, the information will be retained in a separate file within the department and used only for the purposes of placing students at the applicable institutions or agencies. This process will be done in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is each institution's or agency's decision to accept or reject a student for placement or observation experience based upon the results of a police information or other background check. Since both completion of course requirements and eventual employment in a field of study may be dependent upon the results of such checks, students who have concerns should discuss the matter with the program coordinator.

Police Information checks are normally obtained from the police department having jurisdiction where the student normally resides. For those who normally reside in the City of Calgary, the appropriate agency is the Calgary Police Service ( Outside Calgary, students should contact their local police agency.

PERNATAL NURSING SCHEDULE (tentative)     Total: 402 hours

Required Courses
Perinatal Development & Homeostasis  
Perinatal Assessment  
Perinatal Critical Moments I  
Perinatal Critical Moments II  
Perinatal Clinical Experience See course information section below
The above schedule is subject to change.      
Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Perinatal Development and Homeostasis
Be introduced to the developmental changes of the childbearing year, including the physiologic mechanisms that promote growth and maintain homeostasis. Investigate elements that must be in balance to move along a trajectory toward optimal health and development.

Subject code: XNPN 10007 48 Hours. Fee: $799  
CRN 90268 Online Sept.10-Dec. 7

Perinatal Assessment
Examine assessment parameters of maternal-fetal-neonatal development and homeostasis. Acquire the knowledge and skills required to perform physiological and behavioural assessments.

Subject code: XNPN 10008 48 Hours. Fee: $799 Not offered this semester

Perinatal Critical Moments I
A critical moment is defined as the culmination of events that influences the patient to diverge from a trajectory toward health. Be introduced to the Adaptation-Development Framework for Neonates and the Philosophical Model for Family-Centered Perinatal Care to facilitate your understanding of labour and delivery.
Prerequisites:  Perinatal Development and Homeostasis; Perinatal Assessment

Subject code: XNPN 10009 48 Hours. Fee: $799
CRN 90270 Online Sept.10-Dec. 7

Perinatal Critical Moments II
Learn about the events and pathophysiology that influences the mother or fetus to diverge from a trajectory toward health. Gain an understanding of the dysfunctions that can affect the pregnant woman and the fetus.
Prerequisites: Perinatal Development and Homeostasis; Perinatal Assessment

Subject code: XNPN 10010 48 Hours. Fee: $799  
CRN 90433 Online Sept.10-Dec. 7

Perinatal Clinical Experience
Integrate and apply your knowledge of homeostasis and adaptation to the antenatal, labour and delivery, or postpartum/newborn periods. With the approval and assistance of the program faculty, you will select a clinical experience in either supportive care during labour and birth, or supportive care for antenatal, breast-feeding and postpartum families. Subject code: XNPN 10006.
Prerequisites: Perinatal Development and Homeostasis; Perinatal Assessment; Perinatal Critical Moments I; Perinatal Critical Moments II
Note: This is an instructor-guided preceptored clinical experience. Please e-mail us for more information.
When you are committed to doing a clinical practicum, it is imperative to submit your formal request to the program coordinator by Sept. 1 for the winter semester, Feb. 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the fall semester. There is no guarantee that the placement will be secured per your request.

Subject code: XNPN 10006 210 Hours. Fee: $995 Contact for more information



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