Mount Royal is pleased to offer these courses to support your healthy aging. Plan for the next stage of your life, the golden years! Be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Living Your Unexpected Life
Whether you are adjusting to retirement, divorce, illness, death, financial wealth or loss, new relationships, moving, empty nest, disaster or career change, this course supports you in finding the hidden gifts in living your unexpected life. Learn to address loss, adapt to change, and find potential for growth and joy.

Subject code: XHLA 100018 Hours. Fee: $99+GST Not offered this semester

Healthy Eating, Happy Heart
Good nutrition is important at any age. Research shows that healthy eating can help prevent and manage disease, malnutrition and osteoporosis. Explore topics including weight gain and loss, changes in appetite, low-cost nutrition, the best diets for disease management, and how to recognize and adapt to changes in our bodies.

Subject code: XHLA 1000512 Hours. Fee: $149+GST Not offered this semester

Purposeful Aging
Find out the best ways to stay healthy and maintain your independence as you get older. Understand the emotional, physical, intellectual aspects of self care and wellness. Understand the physiology of aging and address some common health challenges of aging. This course includes basic physical activity sessions and natural nutrition suggestions to empower you to make healthy life choices.

Subject code: XHLA 100258 Hours. Fee: $99+GST Not offered this semester

The Other Legacy: Leaving More than Your Money
Create a legacy that goes beyond property. What kept you going when things were tough? Through simple exercises and guided reflection, create a “testament” of your life that encompasses your values, life lessons, spiritual touchstones, and sources of strength and inspiration.

Subject code: XHLA 100046 Hours. Fee: $99+GST Not offered this semester

Living Your Bucket List
What do you want to do with the next 20 to 30 years of your life? Everything we thought we knew about old age and retirement is changing. We want to take control of the next stage of our lives, whether that means continuing to work, starting a business, travelling or volunteering. Share the insights our instructor gained as he planned his next steps and get ready to take your own.
Subject code: XHLA 10024 3 Hours. Fee: $99+GST

Subject code: XHLA 100243 Hours. Fee: $99+GST Not offered this semester

A Spiritual Path for Your Season of Wisdom
Through facilitated conversations, work with the collective wisdom of the class to develop your own spiritual practices, being open to all religious traditions. You will receive a resource tool to record your learnings and personal challenges.

Subject code: XHLA 100158 Hours. Fee: $99+GST Not offered this semester

Leading Your Retirement
Put your lifetime of skills and experiences to use and bring your unique perspective your community, favourite volunteer organizations and personal life. Be introduced to key concepts and topics to help you develop a personal leadership style, including values and visioning, personal mission statements, dealing with generational gaps, and coaching and mentoring.

Subject code: XHLA 100139 Hours. Fee: $199+GST Not offered this semester

How then Shall We Live?
Everything we think we know about aging and retirement is about to change. Today 1 in 10 Calgarians are over 65; by 2026, it will be 1 in 6. Using relevant statistics, descriptions of what types of housing, aging-in-place and care facilities exist now, explore your options and examine key principles and concepts of lifestyle planning.

Subject code: XHLA 100028 Hours. Fee: $149+GST Not offered this semester

The Risk of Caring: An Introduction to Compassion Fatigue
When does your role as a care-giver exceed your energy and resources? Learn to cope with the aging of your loved ones, including managing disease, chronic pain, addictions, mental illness and disabilities.

Subject code: XHLA 100164 Hours. Fee: $59+GST Not offered this semester

Moving Towards Healthy Aging
Explore healthy aging, including the physical, emotional, intellectual and financial, social, spiritual, occupational and environmental needs of older adults. Gain a basic understanding of the physiology of aging and the relationship between taking good care of oneself and maintaining one's independence. The course include basic physical activity sessions and natural nutrition suggestions.

Subject code: XHLA 100316 HoursNot offered this semester


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