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Curriculum Development and Instructional Design Extension Certificate  NEWLY REVISED!


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Advance your skill-set and develop practical and theoretical knowledge as an educator while you gain the skills to design and analyze course curriculum in your field of expertise. Apply the principles of instructional design to create a customized project that demonstrates your ability to write effective learning outcome statements, design assessment and instructional strategies, integrate media, and evaluate and revise curriculum.


  • Enhance your professional knowledge and experience in educational design
  • Learn to apply a variety of instructional strategies, tactics and tools for developing learning activities
  • Identify the potential for media applications in a variety of design projects

Program Format

  • Complete the 6 required courses (90 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years

Program Notes

  • Check the technical requirements for using the Blackboard online learning platform before registering.
  • Please log in to your Blackboard course on the official course start date and refer to your course outline for assignment due dates.
  • The listed online course hours indicate the estimated time for students to review the online learning units. Your actual time spent completing assignments may vary.
  • Courses must be taken in the order listed in the chart.
  • Intermediate skills in MS Word are strongly recommended In order to succeed in this program.
  • APA 6 formatting standards must be met when completing all assignments. APA Formatting

Required Courses
Principles of Instructional Design 
Designing Assessment Strategies 
Designing Instructional Strategies  
Media Trends in Instructional Design 
Curriculum Template Design 
Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation 
The above schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester.
Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Required Courses

Principles of Instructional Design     NEW!
Explore instructional design principles, characteristics of adult learners and their implications in designing an effective instructional program. Apply information about learning styles to the design of instructional learning outcomes. Write clear and concise performance outcomes and competencies in order to direct instructional design. 

Subject code: XCDA 1000115 Hours. Fee: $369
 Not offered this semester

Designing Assessment Strategies     NEW!
Discover how to design student assignments and investigate strategies to assess student performance. Link learning outcomes with assessment and apply Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS). Create a rubric to assess project learning outcomes. Practice designing an effective student assignment.
Prerequisite: Principles of Instructional Design

Subject code: XCDA 1000215 Hours. Fee: $369 Not offered this semester

Designing Instructional Strategies    NEW!
Apply the principles of instructional design to link learning outcomes. Map these outcomes with learning activities using an outcome matrix. Apply the principles of Dynamics of Group Development to the instructional design of learning activities. Design instructional learning activities for class, unit and module delivery of instruction.
Prerequisite: Designing Assessment Strategies

Subject code: XCDA 1000315 Hours. Fee: $369
CRN 31077OnlineApr. 8-May 8

Media Trends in Instructional Design     NEW!
Focus on the use of instructional technology and media trends used in the production of classroom, blended and fully online courses. Compare current uses of technology with future trends. Build on the foundations of the ADDIE model.
Prerequisite: Designing Instructional Strategies

Subject code: XCDA 1000715 Hours. Fee: $369 
CRN 50471OnlineMay 20-Jun. 19

Curriculum Template Design     NEW!
Apply the ADDIE model through the development of a course module. Gain an overview of the foundations of technical writing and use concepts and components covered in previous courses to prepare a course module using a development template.
Prerequisite: Media Trends in Instructional Design

Subject code: XCDA 1000815 Hours. Fee: $369 
CRN 31078OnlineApr. 8-May 8

Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation     NEW!
Continue explorations of the ADDIE model of instructional design by implementing and using peer and instructor evaluation to refine the course. Learn to design training for instructors and learners, explore processes for collecting and analyzing feedback, revise instructional design and report pilot results.
Prerequisite: Curriculum Template Design

Subject code: XCDA 1000915 Hours. Fee: $369 
CRN 50473OnlineMay 20-Jun. 19

Please note that this program was revised in July 2015. See following chart for updated course equivalencies.

Old Program
New Program
XCDA 10001 Principles of Instructional DesignXCDA 10001 Principles of Instructional Design
XCDA 10002 Designing Assessment Strategies
Prerequisite: XCDA 10001
XCDA 10002 Designing Assessment Strategies
Prerequisite: XCDA 10001
XCDA 10003 Designing Instructional Strategies
Prerequisite: XCDA 10002
XCDA 10003 Designing Instructional Strategies
Prerequisite: XCDA 10002
XCDA 10004 Instructional Design Production Concepts
Prerequisite: XCDA 10003
XCDA 10007 Media Trends in Instructional Design
Prerequisite: XCDA 10003
XCDA 10006 Curriculum Design Final Project
Prerequisite: XCDA 10005
XCDA 10008 Curriculum Template Design
Prerequisite: XCDA 10007
XCDA 10005 Piloting, Evaluating and Revising Curriculum
Prerequisite: XCDA 10004
XCDA 10009 Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation
Prerequisite: XCDA 10008

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