Anupam Das, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: EA3019
Phone: 403.440.6535
Email: adas@mtroyal.ca

Anupam Das received his PhD in Economics from the University of Manitoba. His primary research interest is in the area of development economics, heterodox economics, community economic development, and gender gap. Prior to joining Mount Royal University in 2010, Anupam taught at King's University College at the University of Western Ontario, and at the University of Manitoba. In 2015-2016, Anupam worked as a research trainer in the central bank of Bangladesh. He also worked as a consultant with the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, and ActionAid International. He has published in journals including Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, Journal of Economic Issues, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Economic & Political Weekly, and Journal of Family Studies. Anupam teaches introductory as well as intermediate courses in macroeconomics, development economics and international finance. He is the recipient of the 2017 Immigrants of Distinction award.


Selected publications

Gender Differences in Within-Couple Influences on Work-Family Balance Satisfaction: When Benefits become Threats, Forthcoming, Journal of Family Studies (with Buchanan, T. and McFarlane, A.)

Remittance Behaviour of Chinese and Indian Immigrants in Canada, 2016, Review of Economics, 67(2), 185-208 (with Chowdhury, M.)

A Counterfactual Analysis of the Gender Gap in Parenting Time: Explained and Unexplained Variances at Different Stages of Parenting, 2016, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 47(3) (with Buchanan T., and McFarlane, A.)

A Keynesian Explanation of Indian Government Bond Yields, 2015, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 38(4), 565-587 (with Akram, T.)

Understanding the Low Yields of Long-Term Japanese Sovereign Debt, 2014, Journal of Economic Issues, 48(2), 331-344 (with Akram, T.)

Openness and Growth in Emerging Asian Economies: Evidence from GMM Estimations of a Dynamic Panel, 2011, Economics Bulletin, 31(3), 2219-2228 (with Paul, B.)