Emily Hutchison

Emily Hutchison

Office: EA3161
Phone: 403.440.8458
Email: ehutchison@mtroyal.ca


PhD, University of York (UK), 2007
MA, University of York (UK), 2002
BA Honours, Trent University, 2000




Main Areas of Scholarly Interests or Expertise

Late French medieval political culture; urban spaces and spatial practices; violence, crime, and policing; the history of emotions; gender history.

Main Areas of Teaching
Pre-modern European History (Ancient and Medieval): HIST 1101, 2204, 2206; History of Crime, Punishment and Social Control : HIST 3201; Upper Year Special Topics have included: Histories of Medieval violence; Revolt and Protest; Chivalry and Warfare

Current Research Projects

Funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2017-2018), “Policing in Late Medieval Paris” (2016-2018) investigates late medieval disciplinary structures policing different bodies and the spaces they occupy in Paris. It queries the relationship between space, affect, violence, “noise” (disorder) and (dis)identity in the city. The driving research questions of the project are: how did royal, civic, religious, and community-based forces converge to control gendered, racialized, and sexualized bodies, and were there opportunities for resistance? How were Parisian spaces organized, what violence occurred therein, and how was it regulated? What can the evidence tell us about the value placed on differentiated bodies? It draws on Feminist and Queer Theory, asking historians to rethink the complex social and political formations within late medieval urban milieus. It advocates in a subtle shift in approach that, while recognizing the hegemonic normative systems firmly in place, focuses also on teasing out voice, identity/disidentity, and resistance.

Forthcoming 2018, “Passionate Politics: Emotion and Identity Formation Among the Menu Peuple in Early Fifteenth Century France,” in Affective and Emotional Economies in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, eds. Andreea Marculescu and Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier https://www.palgrave.com/in/book/9783319606682#reviews 

“Knowing One’s Place: Space, Voice, and Legitimacy in Early Fifteenth-Century Paris” Medieval History Journal 20.1 (April, 2017): 1-51.

“The Politics of Grief in the Outbreak of Civil War, 1407-1413.” Speculum 91, n.2 (April, 2016).

“Winning Hearts and Minds in Early Fifteenth-Century France: Burgundian Propaganda in Perspective,” French Historical Studies 35, n.1 (2012): 1-30.

“Partisan Identity in the French Civil War, 1405-1418: Reconsidering the Evidence on Livery Badges.” Journal of Medieval History 33 (2007): 250-274.