Thomas E. Brown

Thomas E. Brown

BA (Hons), Brock University
MA Carleton University
PhD Queen's University

Office: EA 3117
Phone: 403.440.6900
E-mail: tbrown@mtroyal.ca

Main areas of scholarly interest and/or expertise:
Pre-Confederation Canada; History of Medicine and Psychiatry; the Western Humanities Tradition

Main areas of instruction at MRU:
HIST 1131: Canada, Origins to 1867
HIST 2205: Health, Disease and Medicine in Western Society
HUMN 1109/11: Western Culture I & II
HUMN 2201: Outstanding Lives
HUMN 2219: Ancient Greece (800 BCE - 323 BCE)

Current research interests:
Canadian medicine and psychiatry

Other relevant interests, activities, associations, qualifications, experiences, etc.:
Pipe organ enthusiast