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Latin American Studies

In the field of Latin American Studies (LAST) students explore the complex cultural environment that currently prevails in the region of Latin America. Three LAST courses complement each other to provide a nuanced understanding of the multiple national cultural contexts and forms of artistic expression in the region. Historical processes common to the twenty Latin American countries will be analyzed in order to understand the role of politics of racial diversity within these multiethnic societies. As Indigenous, African, and European peoples have interacted in a multitude of ways for over five centuries, the role of ethnicity and identity are key aspects in imagining modern and postmodern Latin American nations. Sub-regional political cultures will also be explored by focusing on conflictive North-South relations. The discussion of novels, films, and art will allow students to examine the central question of how social processes shape individual personalities and how human agency influences historical trends in Latin America.

The LAST courses currently offered are: LAST 1101-Introduction to Contemporary Latin American Cultures, LAST 2201-Cultures of South America and LAST 2202-Cultures of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

These three courses are open to all MRU students. They can be taken to fulfill General Education requirements, electives, or as required courses for the Bachelor of Arts, Major in Spanish.


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 Faculty & Contacts


Cecilia Sessarego, PhD
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.6547

María Teresa Grillo Arbulú, PhD
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.5941
Dr. David Hyttenrauch
Chair, Department of English, Languages, and Cultures
Phone: 403.440.6453
Kitty Pryde
Administrative Assistant to the Chair and the Department
Phone: 403.440.5912


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