Spanish Major & Minor

Spanish Major and Minor

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Above: Cataratas del Iguazu, Argentina

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Contact Person:  Spanish Coordinator, Cecilia Sessarego

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries around the world, spoken by 500 million people as their native language and by 40 million people in the United States. A major in Spanish will develop your communication skills and deepen your understanding of Hispanic cultures. You will learn to function effectively in a variety of social and global contexts, and gain language and cross-cultural skills by analyzing fiction, film and mass media texts from Spain, Latin America and Hispanic culture in the United States.

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Courses and Descriptions

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Career Opportunities

Mount Royal’s program combines language instruction and a variety of other courses to provide you with foundational preparation for the following careers:

Translation and Interpretation

The major in Spanish offers two courses in translation that will give you an introduction to the fields of Translation and Interpretation.

The Business World and the Spanish Language

Businesses in Canada are seeking employees who are proficient in Spanish to help them compete in the North American and Latin American markets. If you are interested in international business, Mount Royal's program offers Spanish language, culture, translation and business Spanish courses.

Teaching Spanish as a Second Language

Spanish language programs in bilingual and other elementary and high schools are the fastest growing language programs in Alberta. The major in Spanish will build your language proficiency to an Advanced level (as defined by ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines) and provide you with two courses in Second Language Teaching. The Spanish program complemented with an Education degree will prepare you for teaching Spanish in the school system.

Peninsular and Spanish American Literatures and Cultures

The major in Spanish offers a number of courses in Peninsular and Spanish American Literatures of various genres and periods, which will provide you with a foundation to apply for graduate school.

What are our Bachelor of Arts, Major in Spanish graduates doing?
In Fall 2014...

Dunja Mihajlovic, 2012 graduate

“ I am now enrolled in the Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary in order to teach Spanish. This is my last year and I will be applying for teaching positions before the school year is over”.

Kendra Dalke, 2013 graduate

Kendra is a Master of Arts - Spanish candidate in the Department of French, Italian and Spanish at The University of Calgary. Her area of specialization is Hispanic cinema, focusing on popular cinemas and popular culture in Spain, Mexico and transnational contexts. In 2014 she was one of the organizers of the Calgary Latin Wave Film Festival, which promotes showing Latin American films in the city

Two 2014 graduates

Passed the Associate Level Exam (Spanish to English) of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA). They are now Associate members of ATIA.

Three other 2012 and 2013 graduates are enrolled in the Bachelor of Education at Saint Mary’s University and the University of Calgary. Two of them have been hired by the Calgary Board of Education to start teaching in September, 2015.

One 2012 graduate is working at a College and one is working at an oil and gas company.

Students' Online Journals (Papers and Projects)
El texto hispanoamericano-The Spanish American text (online journal for undergraduate research)

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Spanish Graduates' TestimonialsTeaching Opportunities
Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain (Application deadline every year: March)
International study

You will be strongly encouraged to study abroad. Exchange programs with universities in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Spain give you opportunities to experience a different culture, practice your language and communication skills and develop new friendships.

Learn more about international study opportunities.

For program planning, course selection and academic advising, visit Academic Advising Services.

Faculty & Contacts

 Full-Time Part-Time

 María-Jesús Plaza, PhD
Spanish Coordinator
Phone: 403.440.5965

Gabriela True, MEd
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.8939
Cecilia Sessarego, PhD
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.6547
Patricia Zehner, MA
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.5975
Enrique López, PhD
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.6531
Patricia McDougall, MA
Faculty Member
Phone: 403.440.8977
María Teresa Grillo Arbulú, PhD
Faculty member
Phone: 403.440.5941
Dr. David Hyttenrauch
Chair, Department of English, Languages, and Cultures
Phone: 403.440.6453
Kitty Pryde
Administrative Assistant to the Chair and the Department
Phone: 403.440.5912