Byrad Yyelland

Byrad Yyelland

Phone: 403.440.6181
Email: byyelland@mtroyal.ca

2010 University of Calgary, EdD, Higher Education Administration
Specialization: Emotion management and organizational culture change

1992 University of Saskatchewan, M.A., Sociology
Specialization: Emotional labour in nursing

1988 University of Saskatchewan, B.A. (Hons) Psychology
Specialization: Social support and coping strategies of young offenders

Byrad Yyelland joined Mount Royal University in January of 2016 after 7 years overseas. From 2008–2015, Byrad taught sociology and psychology and led the Liberal Arts & Sciences program at the Doha, Qatar international branch campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. While there he also developed and led the first American Honours program in the Arab Gulf. Prior to living in Doha, Byrad lived in Lloydminster, Alberta where he taught and led the University Transfer dept at Lakeland College. Earlier teaching years were at the University of Saskatchewan and colleges in that province.

Byrad's most recent work, 'The Creative Periphery', is co-authored with two colleagues from the Doha campus and is the result of a multi-year ethnographic study of 29 artist communities in 19 countries. 'The Creative Periphery' will be released by Intellect Books in the spring of 2017. Also with one of these co-authors, Byrad completed a 20 minute video documentary of a Brazilian favela. The documentary, 'Life in the Above', focuses on how social life is successfully negotiated in this unique physical and social environment.

Byrad is currently writing a book on the importance of recognizing emotion in the workplace, strategies for understanding the needs of your co-workers, and ways to provide emotionally supportive leadership. Targeting a general audience, the book is intended as a guide for leaders.

Byrad has also written about the benefits of linking the concepts and methodologies of the social sciences with design, the use of Appreciative Inquiry throughout the Arab Gulf, development of the first American Honours program in the Arab Gulf, student success at an American branch campus in the Arab Gulf, organizational culture change and emotional labour.

Byrad is a nationally recognized and award-winning faculty member, an experienced consultant and a sought after speaker. He is a professional-level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and co-leads the Fast Track training program for professional speakers.

Identity in the 21st Century: Byrad Yyelland at TEDxEducationCity (2012)


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Finalist for The International Award for Excellence — New Directions in the Humanities, 2009