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Celebrating Experiential Education: A CSL Showcase

CSL Showcase Picture

Scharie Tavcer partnered with Victoria Calvert to develop a showcase to highlight the learning experiences from field schools. Students who recently completed a Canadian or international field school shared their reflections with the MRU community by presenting a poster detailing either their research project or an element of the field school that impacted their learning. The posters were vibrant, and included those prepared by the students of Jennifer Pettit and Liam Haggarty for the Indigenous Studies field school, as well as those from the trip with Scharie to Rankin Inlet. Several faculty who taught field schools also prepared posters. We were pleased that over 60 students, and about 20 faculty and administrators dropped by to peruse the 26 posters. The event was sponsored by the Arts Innovation Fund, Bissett, ORS, and the Provost.

Mike Quinn kindly evaluated the submission; the two winning posters were:

  • 'Understanding the Culinary Landscape in Cusco, Peru'- Erin Burgess, Tiffany Hassett, and Carmanah Minions.                                                       
  • 'Relationship between Backpacker Travel & PDA Usage' - Reid Brown, Dylan Cordingley, James Rhys Jones.


The next CSL Event
MRU is hosting the 2016 national conference for Community Service Learning (CSL) and Community Engagement (CE). The conference is being structured to facilitate discussions, discovery, and networking between and within the constituent groups involved with administering, teaching, or conducting research regarding CSL and CE.

Call for Conference Presentations: Conference tracks include: Impacts of Community Engagement, Scholarship of Teaching Learning, Innovative CSL or CE curriculum, and others. Proposals will be submitted online through the conference website by January 15, 2016.

Canadian Student’s CSL Vignettes: We are proposing a soft-cover publication of fifty projects from Canadian colleges and universities. The book, to be edited by Glenn Ruhl and Victoria Calvert will be presented to attendees at the conference. Due date is December 10, 2015.

Impact for Sustainability: CSL in Canada will be a national, peer-reviewed book with Cynthia Gallop as senior editor and Victoria Calvert as second editor. We seek a broad range of papers pertaining to campus-community partnerships and CSL research and practice. Due date is November 16, 2015.

Contact: Victoria Calvert with any questions