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Mount Royal Faculty of Arts makes a splash for the Arts Cup

On Friday, Sept. 21, the Faculty of Arts along with the English, Psychology and Sociology Student Societies hosted the inaugural Soccer and Soaker event.

The competition was fierce — but of course friendly — and the teams evenly matched during the soccer component of the two-part event that had Faculty of Arts students squaring off against professors.

Mount Royal Faculty of Arts faculty and staff go head-to-head during the Soccer Soaker game.
Mount Royal Faculty of Arts faculty and staff go head-to-head during the Soccer Soaker game.

Despite the above-average September heat, both teams endured the elements and played hard until the final seconds where the match was ultimately declared a draw at four goals per side.

“Well, it’s not so much about winning or losing,” says Nicole MacInnis, events coordinator for the Sociology Students’ Society.

“It’s about finding a way to build community within the faculty, while bringing together the different student groups to work towards something we can call our own.”

Interacting outside of the classroom

The idea for the event was brought forth by the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Jeffery Keshen, as a way for students to get to interact with faculty and other students outside of the classroom.

“These sorts of events are not only fun, but also build a sense of belonging among students, and a broader sense of community,” says Keshen. “Having students interact with professors in a social setting, I believe, contributes to the overall university experience, which is supposed to be fun and memorable, as well as intellectually challenging.”

From there, the two teams headed to Gauthier Court to enjoy a pizza lunch and warmed up their throwing arms before taking their pitch at the dunk tank.

Keshen being a good sport, climbed into the tank as the first dunkee, as members of the Mount Royal community lined up for the bragging rights of having dunked the dean.

“I definitely tried to dunk him,” says MacInnis. “I tried to get a few of them, but I guess I’ll need to work on my aim for next year.”

Dean of the Faculty of Arts gets dunked by students at the Soccer and Soaker event
Dean of the Faculty of Arts gets dunked by students at the Soccer and Soaker event.

A ton of fun and a great cause

The Soccer and Soaker event was established to raise funds for a newly created award, the Arts Cup Scholarship.

The Arts Cup is a student directed and administered award for eligible students in the Faculty of Arts that will recognize extraordinary contributions to the faculty or the university, including through voluntarism, by an Arts student."

“It is a tremendous accomplishment that the students raised more than $500 through this [inaugural] event for the Arts Cup,” says Keshen looking back on the event.

The Faculty of Arts was so impressed by the turnout and the amount of funds that were raised, and there is already talk of organizing a modified version to take place during the winter semester to ensure that there will be an Arts Cup recipient for next year as well.

The organizers of the Soccer and Soaker event would like to thank SAMRU, the Faculty of Arts professors who volunteered as dunkees, everyone who attended and supported the event and all of the fellow organizers for helping to make it such a success.

Stay tuned for details on their winter event!

— Brendan Greenslade, Sept. 27, 2012