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Digging Up Dirt at FUNDHY from May 5 to 9

Get ready for the inaugural year of the Fundamentally Human Festival, or FUNDHY for short.

The Faculty of Arts will push the limits in this trans-disciplinary festival of arts and ideas. The theme for each year will be timely, provocative and stimulate a range of creative, critical and intellectual responses.

The 2015 Festival focuses on “dirt.” Yes, you read that right. At first glance, dirt is boring and mundane; but if you dig harder (excuse the pun), “dirt” can be a substance, medium, idea, metaphor, analogue, slang and allusion. The wide suggestive scope will be explored in a range of engaging intellectual, artistic and cultural activities.

  • May 5: Provocative cultural theorist and public intellectual Mark Kingwell talks dirt at the Martha Cohen Theatre. Admission is FREE.
  • May 6: Panel Discussion: Dirt Talk Live!, moderated by culture critic and aesthetic raconteur Trevor Boddy, will provoke, challenge and pry-open the minds of four “smart people” as they explore the meanings of “dirt” in a range of moving, disturbing, amusing or profound images. Admission is FREE.
  • May 7: The Quick and Dirty Student Conference. Admission is FREE.
  • May 7: Film Night at The Globe, showing award-winning Gomorrah. Admission is FREE.
  • May 8: Hosted on location at The Hub, The Cabaret is an evening with Garter Girls; Dirty Laundry; lounge singer Carmen Patterson, accompanied by Tom Doyle; DJ Sublight; poetry reading; book excerpt readings and many more! Admission is $10.

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FUNDHY is presented in partnership with the Faculty of Arts, Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic and Office of the President; Alberta College of Art and Design; Globe Cinema; Arts Innovation Fund; and Humanities Innovation Fund.

FUNDHY Dirt Road