The field of anthropology covers all aspects of human life, ancient and modern from cradle to grave. The goal is a holistic understanding of our varied ways of life. You will gain extensive knowledge in cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology ― and the interconnections among them.

The skills you sharpen ― including critical thinking, research methods, analysis and scientific reasoning ― will be transferable to a variety of careers in countless fields.

animal skull

Hands-on experience

Mount Royal anthropology students have exciting opportunities for hands-on experience, including:

  • archaeological field school in Jordan (Madaba Plains Project)
  • processing ancient lithic materials from the Madaba Plains Project
  • processing ancient ceramics from international excavation projects such as pottery from the Dhofar region of Oman and pottery from Yemen
  • urban fieldwork, investigating the adaptations of ethnic or minority groups to the city of Calgary

Students may also assist faculty in a variety of research activities. Paid research assistantships are available for students who are involved in data cataloguing, data analysis, online database entry, and artifact photography and illustration.

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Honours stream

An honours stream in anthropology is available for qualified students who wish to take their studies to a higher level and prepare for graduate or professional school.

Career opportunities

Opportunities for anthropologists are available in many different fields and are expanding globally. You could launch a career in a field such as:

  • agro-forestry (deforestation and erosion problems)
  • business and industry (analyzing corporate culture, public relations, international relations)
  • demographic forecasting (changing size and nature of populations)
  • environment (gauging the impact of pollution and growth on communities and habitats)
  • forensics

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