The Mount Royal Experience

Our students and graduates transform companies of all sizes, drive social enterprise, create new ventures, and build dynamic communities. The experience they gain as innovators sets them apart from their colleagues and peers.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is for everyone. Whether you’re in Aviation, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Business or anything in between, the skills you gain in our classrooms are transdisciplinary. The entrepreneurial learning experience is all about finding the sweet spot between your passions and your skills. We recognize that your drive and personality are at the core of all innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Mount Royal University, we focus on fostering your entrepreneurial mindset as well as the skills to execute that result in a new way of solving problems and looking at the world. We graduate students with an attitude marked by creativity, a readiness to identify and take on new opportunities, and perseverance to overcome all obstacles.

Our hands-on classroom projects, extracurricular opportunities, and community-engaged networking help build the skills necessary to succeed at anything you put your mind to. Classes are focused on developing the skills and mindset essential to launch or integrate into any successful venture. There are no exams in our courses. All learning is done through real-life projects and challenges that help build the entrepreneurial mindset.

Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

• You want to spark your creativity and curiosity
• You want to work for an organization that embraces change
• You want permission to try and fail and be rewarded for what you’ve learned
• You want to unleash that idea you’ve been noodling on
• You want to learn through experience, not through a textbook

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BBA with a Concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

• You want to work for a dynamic, growth-oriented company that values innovative employees
• You want to understand all aspects of a business
• You want to learn to spot opportunities and to build a problem solving mindset
• You want to build a valuable network of professionals and peers
• You want to leave your mark on the world and possibly start your own venture

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