Professional Commercial Pilot Diploma Program

Professional commercial pilot

Pilots do more than fly aircraft. As the in-air team leaders responsible for managing complex work environments, they must analyze problems and make split second decisions based on their knowledge of navigation, meteorology and communications. They are systems managers skilled in business management, team-building and crew resource management.

Mount Royal's Aviation Diploma combines university-level coursework with flight training and aviation management, preparing students for the challenges faced by today's pilots. Certified by Transport Canada, the program meets all industry requirements, enabling students to earn a commercial pilot license, night rating and a Group 1 Multi-engine / instrument rating.

Lifelong friendships begin in this cohort-based program, where students learn from knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Many are airline transport rated pilots with Class 1 or 2 instructor ratings. The program combines classroom studies, in-air flight training in our own fleet of aircraft, and simulator training in our ALSIM ALX multi-engine flight training device.

New cohorts of students are accepted every fall. Applications for the next semester begin on October 1. Apply online.