The mission of the CCWB is to investigate, enhance, and promote factors that influence child well-being. Faculty, students, and community partners engage in collaborative applied research projects to impact education, practice, and policy in the field of child well-being.

As a bridge between research and practice, the CCWB provides exciting opportunities for teaching, experiential and applied learning.

Mount Royal’s Faculty of Health, Community, and Education is dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and their families.  To that end, the Centre for Child Well-Being has been established to research how to better support children and youth and the adults in their lives.

What is Child Well-being?

Child well-being is defined as a unity of physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health, encompassing factors such as safety, environmental and material security, education and socialization as well as a sense of being loved, valued and included in their families and societies.

The Centre for Child Well-Being is undertaking a variety of research projects which will investigate issues related to child well-being at local, provincial and national levels. These issues may come from current curriculum topics, faculty and student interests, and from the broader community and our partners.

Our Main Goals:

             To investigate, promote and enhance factors that influence child well-being, through mentoring faculty in research;

             increasing undergraduate engagement in meaningful research opportunities;

             liaising with the community on applied research questions.


We envision providing a circle of learning for everyone involved. Faculty, students and community partners will engage in collaborative applied research projects and mentoring in applied research methodology, educate participants and produce meaningful projects in service to the community.

Community partners, the general public, students and faculty will engage together in a learning process which will circle back to impact and improve curriculum in the appropriate Mount Royal programs.


CCWB Objectives


Getting Involved with the CCWB

People who get involved in the community help contribute to creating a positive environment by showing commitment and caring toward the rest of the community. It doesn't take a huge commitment to be involved; everyone can find a way in their day-to-day lives to contribute to the community through small acts, which build upon each other to create a sense of trust and responsibility for everyone.

If you are interested in connecting to the CCWB as:

  • practicum student
  • through volunteer work
  • or would like any additional information

please email mbjohnston@mtroyal.ca or mbriegelkranjevic@mtroyal.ca