Music Performance Diploma

Music Peformance Diploma Program
Music Peformance Diploma Program

Music Performance Diploma

Prospective Students

This program has been suspended and the University is not accepting new applications.

We thank you for considering Mount Royal University and we hope to be able to continue assisting you in your academic pursuits.

Current Students

The University is committed to ensuring that all current students will be given the opportunity to complete their programs of study at Mount Royal within a reasonable time frame.

Students pursuing other programs at Mount Royal University will not be affected.



Let Mount Royal’s Music Performance Diploma program help you stage a successful career as a dynamic performing artist. Here will you receive rigorous performance training in either jazz or classical music, set in a creative environment that nurtures ambition and talent.

Practice makes perfect
Whether classical (voice, strings, woodwinds, percussion, piano or brass) or jazz studies draw you to the performance arena, this program integrates artistic skills and music scholarship to prepare you for the next step in your professional musical development.

Take the stage
With the goal of providing top-quality education relevant to your career in music, the Music Performance Diploma provides intensive practice and performance opportunities in small and large ensembles and masterclasses with well-known visiting artists. By the end of the two years, you will take the stage for a full-length recital.

Learning from the pros
Expect to learn and be mentored by leading industry professionals who are passionate about music and teaching. Your peers, like you, perform at a high level and are intent on establishing careers in music.

Your music, your taste

Jazz focuses exclusively on the jazz music idiom, setting this program apart from other contemporary music programs. The curriculum includes private one-on-one lessons with the pros, jazz improvisation, composition and arrangement. You play in both small combos and large ensembles.

Classical complements vigorous performance experience with music history, theory and style. Instrumentalists play in chamber ensembles. Voice students study a second language. All classical students receive one-on-one private lessons and take part in a large ensemble, either orchestral or choral.

Career choices
Upon graduating you can begin your professional career.
Your job title could be:

  • Performer (freelance, orchestral, etc.)
  • Studio teacher
  • Session musician
  • Orchestrator/arranger
  • Professional accompanist

Future options
Music Performance graduates often continue their education at top institutions around the world. A large number of Mount Royal courses are directly transferable to the University of Alberta, University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge. Transfer arrangements with institutions outside Alberta vary.