Tanya Stogre, PhD

PhD., University of Alberta
M.A., University of Victoria
B.Ed., University of Victoria

Position: Assistant Professor

office: EL 3423 R
phone: 403.440.7762
email: tstogre@mtroyal.ca

Dr. Tanya Stogre has a PhD in Education from the University of Alberta, an M.A. in Physical Education with a focus on team building, from the University of Victoria, and B.Ed Major in Physical Education and a Minor in History, from the University of Victoria. She has taught in middle and secondary schools for 14 years as an educator and Humanities Curriculum Leader. Most recently, Tanya taught at Connect Charter School in Calgary, AB for 7 years. At Connect, she collaborated with a colleague to create a school-wide student (and staff) learning plan initiative. Her dissertation investigated the ways student-teachers understood inquiry after an inquiry-based field experience. Currently, Tanya is collaborating with Dr. Norman Vaughan on the ways the professional learning plans of teacher-candidates helps them to link their personal, classroom, and field-based learning experiences, as well as document and demonstrate the Alberta Education - knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSAs) required for Interim Teacher Certification in the Province of Alberta.