Our Students

Our Students

As part of your degree, you can choose from a range of different minors, each designed to enhance your skills in teaching specific subjects. Please see below for a list of teachable minors available in this program or refer to the program planning guides.

  • Elementary, minor in English
  • Elementary, minor in French
  • Elementary, minor in General Science for Elementary Education
  • Elementary, minor in Elementary School Health and Physical Education
  • Elementary, minor in History
  • Elementary, minor in Humanities
  • Elementary, minor in Indigenous Studies
  • Elementary, minor in Linguistics
  • Elementary, minor in Mathematics for Elementary Education
  • Elementary, minor in Spanish
  • Elementary, minor in Social Studies (effective Fall 2016)
  • Elementary, minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) 

Sample Program

EDUC 1231 - Professional Dimensions 1
Foundation General Education (GNED) Courses
Tier 2 GNED courses
EDUC 1233 - Professional Dimensions II
Foundation GNED Courses
Tier 2 GNED courses
Teachable minor courses
EDUC 2371 - Language Development and Literacy
Outstanding GNED courses
Education electives
Teachable minor courses
EDUC 2321 – Education and Individual Development
EDUC 2375 – Effective Assessment
EDUC 3103 - PSCI in Teaching English Language Arts
EDUC 4104 - PSCI in Teaching Music
Education elective, GNED or teachable minor course

EDUC 2325 - Pedagogical Technologies
EDUC 3106 - PSCI in Teaching Science
EDUC 3108 - PSCI in Teaching Mathematics
EDUC 4101 - PSCI in Teaching Art
EDUC 3010  - Practicum I (5 weeks)

EDUC 4105 - PSCI in Teaching Physical Education
Outstanding GNED courses

Teachable minor courses
EDUC 3351 - Aboriginal Cultural Dimensions
EDUC 4107 - PSCI in Teaching Social Studies
Complete remaining non-education requirements
EDUC 3361 - Exceptional Students
EDUC 4201 - Integrating Ideas, Values and Praxis
EDUC 4030 - Practicum II (15 weeks)
After Graduation
Teaching Certification

Professional Standards Branch of Alberta Education certifies teachers in Alberta. Graduates of Mount Royal University are issued their initial Interim Professional Certificate at the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Teaching and Learning. Graduating students should apply to Alberta Education for certification one to two months prior to the completion of their degree program. Please visit the Teacher Education website for further details.

Teaching Qualification Services (TQS)

The TQS of the Alberta Teachers Association evaluates all post-secondary education for salary purposes. It is recommended that you apply to TQS for assessment two to three months before the anticipated completion of your program. TQS will require your teacher certification number assigned to you by Alberta Education, as well as official copies of transcripts from all post secondary institutions attended to complete your program. Please visit the Teacher Qualification Services website for further details.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Education — Elementary are qualified to seek admission to a Master of Education or a Master of Arts program at institutions across Canada.

Education Undergraduate Society

The Education Undergraduate Society (EUS) is a student local subgroup of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Members of the EUS executive provide opportunities for community service, professional development, leadership, and socializing. Check it out and get involved!