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The Physical Literacy lab provides opportunity for teaching, research and service.

Courses related to the Physical Literacy and Athletic Therapy major use the lab facilities for teaching purpose such as Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning and Anatomy.

Research in our lab has included studies focusing on sports performance, aging health, wearable technology, occupational therapy and ergonomics, and more is coming.


The Physical Literacy lab is equipped with a variety of quality equipment suitable for both teaching and research.

Isokinetic Dynamometer Biodex           Pasco 2D Force Plates                          Lactate Pro


HPEDbiodex_system_3          HPEDPASCO           HPEDLactate

             HUR Balance Plate                    Saccadic Fixator                               EMG System                                                                       

HPEDHUR-ibalanceplatform            HPEDsaccadicfixator                   HPEDEMG-New_Miotool_                

            Quinton ECG                     Parvomedics Metabolic Cart           Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

HPEDQuinton-ecg                                  HPEDParvomedics                               HPEDfes-bike2

      Tendo Power Measurer                  Monark Peak 894e

HPEDtendo-unit-1          HPEDMonark894_e-1

Areas Of Research:

David Legg: Paralympic Sports
Tatiane Piucco: Sports Performance
Lynne LavafePopulation Public Health Nutrition     
Christy Tomkins-Lane: Spinal Stenosis                                                                                                  
Dwayne Sheehan: Functional Motor Learning and Development Maturation

HPEDSkating_test                    HPEDsportsNutrition                    HPEDdwayne-research

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