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Deborah Mansell

Degrees: R.N., M.N.

Office: Y450
(403) 440-8764


  • Leadership
  • Story Based Learning/Narrative Pedagogy
  • Childbearing families
  • Breastfeeding


I embrace a student-centered approach by using techniques such as guiding questions, and modeling professionalism, reflective practice, challenging the status quo, evidence informed practice, and lifelong learning.


Teaching Excellence Award, University of Calgary, 2009


Mannion, C. & Mansell, D. (2012), “Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy and the Use of Prescription Medication: A Pilot Study,” Obstetrics and Gynecology International, vol. 2012, Article ID 562704, 8 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/562704

Chapter in: Chow, J. (Ed.) (2012). Essentials of maternity, newborn, and women's health nursing. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Conference Papers

Mansell, D. (2011, June). STORY-BASED LEARNING: EXPLORING PRACTICE NARRATIVES WITH NURSING STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM. Presented at Atlantic Region Canadian Schools of Nursing Confernece. (Role: Presenter)

Mannion, C., Mansell, D., & Hobbs, A. (2011, February). THE PERCEIVED SUPPORTS LACTATING WOMEN USE IN THE DECISION TO INITIATE AND CONTINUE BREASTFEEDING. Presented at 2011 Western Perinatal Conference (Banff, Alberta). (Role: Presenter).

Mansell, D., & Mannion, C. (2010, October 15). Prescription Drugs and Lactating Women. Presented at 21st Association of Women's Health, Obstetrical, and Neonatal Nurses Canadian National Conference (Peer Reviewed), Oral Presentation (Montreal, Quebec). (Role: Presenter).

Mannion, C., & Mansell, D. (2010, February 11). Self-efficacy, perceived milk supply and the use of domperidone in lactating women: A pilot study. Presented at 18th Western Perinatal Research Meeting, Oral Presentation, (Peer Reviewed) (Banff, Alberta). (Role: Presenter).

Mansell, D., & Koot, D. (2009, February 20). Clinical Narratives in the Classroom. Presented at Western Region Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (Calgary, Alberta). (Role: Presenter).


Mansell, D., & Koot, D. (2009, October 16). tory Based Learning: Creating a Robust Learning Experience in the Maternity /Neonatal Classroom. Presented at Association of Women's Health, Obstetrical, & Neonatal Nurses, Canadian National Conference (Winnipeg, Manitoba). (Role: Presenter).