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Heather MacLean

Degrees: RN, BN, MN
Associate Professor

Areas of Instruction:
•    Nursing Fundamentals (year one)
•    Clinical Nursing (year four)
•    Simulation
•    Adult Health/Med-Surgical Nursing
•    Pathophysiology

Related Employment History:

Heather MacLean obtained her RN diploma from the Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing in 1985 and Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Dalhousie University in 1988.

As a Registered Nurse, Heather has practiced in adult health, on both medical and surgical units, with the majority of her experience being in cardiovascular-thoracic surgery, open heart surgery and medical cardiology. Before coming to Mount Royal, Heather worked at Foothills Medical Centre as a Clinical Nurse Educator in cardiology. She remains an active participant in the local chapter of the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nursing and continues to practice in cardiology.

Heather obtained her Master’s of Nursing from the University of Calgary in 2008 where she focused on facilitating the transition of newly graduated nurses into practice. During this time Heather developed a strong interest in implementing simulation within the nursing program. Simulations remains the current area of focus for her research.

Scholarly Interests:  

Simulation, Clinical Practice, Bridging the Academia-Practice gap

Community Service Interests:

  • Heart & Stroke
  • Recent Publications:  
  • Keeping Reflection Fresh - Using Online Student Journaling as an Approach to Reflection: A Creative, Arts-based Strategy (2014)
  • Handling strong emotions before, during and after simulated clinical experiences (2016)


Tenure committee, Office of Student Conduct, Simulation Implementation Committee, NCLEX Committee, WNRCASN