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Katherine Janzen

Associate Professor
Degrees: RN, MN, ONC(C)

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  • Background in Orthopedics, Canadian Nurses Association Orthopedic Specialty Certification 2006, 2011
  • Research Interests include: Arts-based teaching strategies, Student Engagement, Exemplary Oncology Nurses, and further refinement of “the Quantum Perspective of Learning“ theory (Janzen, Perry & Edwards, 2011, 2012)


"A universal truth is that, in one form or another, we both teach and learn. From the time we take our first breath at birth to the last moments before death we exist in a plane of never ending input and output of information. As human beings, how we organize that information is the process of learning; how we share that information is the process of teaching" (Janzen, 2010).


2014-2018 - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC): Insight grant, "An exploration of creative arts-based learning objects in online, hybrid and face-to-face learning environments: A comparison of engagement, learning environments: A comparison of engagement, learning and quality (instructional design)." CAD60,82. Type: Grant-Competitive (Role: Principal Investigator). Other Investigators: Perry, B., Edwards, M.

Student Supervision

2014, September - 2015, August, Barbour, Lisa. Type: Master's Thesis in Thesis Stream (In Progress) at Athabasca University. Role: Thesis Committee Member. Co-Supervisors: Perry, B (Thesis supervisor). Thesis Title: "Understanding Oncology Nurses' Grief: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis".

Recent and Forthcoming Publications:

 Janzen, K.J., MacLean, H. & Wiebe, M.A. (2016). Using Online Student Journalling as an Approach to Reflection: A Creative Arts-based Strategy. In. (A. Peterkin, & B. Brett-MacLean, Eds.). Keeping Reflection Fresh: Top Educators Share Their Innovations in Health Professional Education. Kent, Ohio: Kent State. Press.

Perry, B., Janzen, K.J. & Edwards, M. (2016). Haiku-it! Reflection in 17 Words. In. (A. Peterkin, & M. Brett-MacLean Eds.), Keeping Reflection Fresh: Top Educators Share Their Innovations in Health Professional Education. Kent, Ohio: Kent State. Press.

Janzen, K., Mitchell, M., Renton, L., Currie, G., & Nordstrom, P. (2015) From Vulnerability to Dignity: The RN Declaration of Self Esteem. Nursing Forum (Accepted).

Janzen, K., & Perry, B. (2015). Taking Action: An Exploration of the Actions of Oncology Nurses When Faced with Futility at Diagnosis, During Treatment and in Palliative Situations. Canadian Oncology Nurses Journal, 25(2), 179-185.

Perry, B., Edwards, M., & Janzen, K.J. (2014). Conceptual Quilting: A Medium for Reflection in Online Courses. eLearning Papers, 36, 1-4.

Recent Presentations

2015, February 20. "Taking the Quantum Leap: Exploring Fourth Year Nursing Students' Leadership in a Blended Delivery Capstone Course Via the Creative Arts". Presented to Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies. Presented at Provoking Curriculum Studies Conference, Vancouver, BC. Co-presenters: Szabo Hart, J., Jakubec, S.

2014, September 19. "Compassion Fatigue: Building Resilience in Oncology Nurses". Presented to Southern California Medical Association. Presented at Southern California Medical Association's Nurse's Education Day. Pasadena, California. Invited Speaker.

2014, April 30. "Compassion Fatigue and the Challenge of Developing Resilience". Presented to Oncology Nurses Society. Presented at 39th Oncology Nurses Congress, Anaheim, California. Invited Speaker. Co-presenters: Fetter, K., Damaskos, P.

2014, January 5. "An Exploration of How Artistic Pedagogical Technologies Influence Interaction, Social Presence and Community in the Online Post -Secondary Classroom". Presented to Hawaii International Conference on Education. Presented at 12th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii. Co-presenters: Perry, B. Edwards, M.


Internal Service

Chair, Harassment and Discrimination MRFA Committee, 2015-2018
Member, Workload Committee, School of Nursing and Midwifery 2014-2017

External Service

Committee Member: International Conference on eLearning (2014-2016)
Reviewer: Creative Education, Nursing Forum, Journal of Scientific Research Reports, Tuberculosis Treatment and Research Journal
Board of Directors: Medical Advisor and Chair, Programming Committee, Youville Recovery Residence for Women (2012-2014)
Consultant: Executive Director, Alcove Recovery Residence (2014-2016)

Member of Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (2012-2013)
Member of Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research (2011-2013)
Other Research Interests: Women and Addictions, Qualitative Research, Hermeneutic Phenomenology, Psychological Harm in Simulation