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Margot Underwood


Ph: 403-440-7781
Email: munderwood@mtroyal.ca

• Pedagogical and partnership strategies in international community health nursing courses and placements
• Respiratory health promotion and education with a focus on asthma, COPD, and tobacco reduction
• Peer mentorship strategies in nursing programs

Margot’s teaching approach has evolved to one that maximizes collaborative learning through providing a supportive, learner-centered environment that encourages critical reflection, dialogue and active participation. Blending classroom and clinical experiences provides her with the opportunity to scaffold, mentor, and coach students to ensure an integration of theory and practice. Innovative application of transformative learning principles, constructivist approaches and mentorship guides the learning activities for local and international community health experiences.

Prior to teaching at the School of Nursing at Mount Royal University, Margot was a community health clinical instructor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary for five years. She also co-developed and led a community health placement in the Dominican Republic for 3rd year nursing students in 2011 and 2012; and collaborated in developing a Nurse as Educator course elective. Prior to this she worked as an Education Consultant and Researcher with the Calgary COPD & Asthma Program, a Trainer for Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) programs, and a Program Consultant with Alberta Health Services Tobacco Reduction Program.

• Les Macdonald Award for Innovation and Excellence in Asthma Care and Education, Canadian Network for Asthma Care; 2007
• COPD & Asthma Network of Alberta Award of Excellence; 2006

Margot’s research interests include:
• International nursing placements: investigating effective teaching and learning strategies, developing course curriculum, integrating peer mentorship, and utilizing appreciative approaches (In progress: Mawji, A., Lind, C., Loewen, S., Thompson-Isherwood, R., & Underwood, M. The Impact of an International Practice Setting on Nursing Student Learning)
• Evaluating pedagogical approaches in classroom and clinical settings
• Mentorship in respiratory health education (asthma, COPD, tobacco reduction)

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Key Presentations/Abstracts

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Key Invited Presentations:
• CARTA Conference, fall 2010, “Tobacco Reduction”
• Alberta Respiratory Disease Symposium, 2010, “Models of Self-Management in Respiratory Disease”
• ASED Conference, 2005-2009, “What’s In, What’s Out in Education”; “Motivated to Change”; “Canadian Respiratory Educators Programs/Surveys”
• Canadian Respiratory Conference, 2009, “Self-Management: Motivational Change to Enhance Behaviour Modification”; “Research and Program Evaluation”, “Interdisciplinary teams”; “If We Build It, Will they Come?”
• Alberta Lung Association (RHCP) Research Day: “Effectiveness of a Southern Alberta Asthma Program”, 1998
• Alberta Asthma Network Conference, “Adolescents and Asthma”, 1998 and 1999
• International Council of Nurses Conference, “Asthma: The Alberta Experience”, ‘97
• Alberta Asthma Network Conference, “Young Adult Asthma Program”, 1997SERVICE
Director, Canadian Network for Respiratory Care, 2004-Present
President, Partners In Deed Society of Alberta, 2007-Present
Board member, COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta (CANA), 2002-2006; 2012

Chair, Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) Education/Recertification, 2006-Present
MRU/U of C Research Team, Evaluating Dominican Republic Community Health Placement, 2010-Present
Respiratory Strategic Clinical Network Core Committee, 2010-2012
Respiratory Strategic Clinical Network Working Group (Asthma and Clinical Indicators), 2010-2012

Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry approaches in international placements, charity partnerships and community health initiatives.