The Simulation Learning Centre in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Mount Royal University is focused on inspiring health care professionals to make a difference through commitment to innovation in Simulation learning. 


What is Simulation?

Simulation allows learners to practice a variety of skills (psychomotor, assessment, communication, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.) in an area that closely replicates the practice environment. Simulation is a learning strategy that can engage learners in the realities and complexities of the health care system, enabling students to work on genuine clinical problems, make real time clinical decisions, incorporate clinical reasoning, and reflect on their practice in a safe learning environment.


“Simulation is a perfect environment to put theory into action. It's non-judgmental and it allows you to practice all aspects of your nursing care. It's a place to make mistakes and learn. My favourite simulation experience was one that tested something much deeper than our skills and reminded us that compassion is extremely important in providing holistic care. Taking this experience seriously will benefit any student in their clinical practice.” -2nd Year Nursing Student


"Sim gives me the chance to make mistakes in a safe, supportive environment and increased my confidence to interact with patients in the hospital after practicing my skills in a realistic scenario." -4th Year Nursing Student