News & Announcements

News & Announcements

June 2015

Healthy eating habits from CHEERS to the golden years
MRU research is helping kids eat better
Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Fostering an age-friendly city
Dementia Network Calgary makes public media launch
Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Separate nursing paths begin and end in the same place
Two generations apart, alumna and Elder inexplicably tied together
Thursday, June 15, 2017

MRU celebrates 50 years of nursing education
Don’t forget to thank a nurse during National Nursing Week 2017!
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

As a third-year nursing student in the Faculty of Health, Community and Education, Roisin Dillon embodies the true essence of student engagement and showcases the profound impact volunteering can have on an undergraduate education.
Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

MRU Nursing, BHPE and Continuing Education students unite to promote healthy lifestyles
On March 13, 2016, students from the MRU Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (BHPE), Massage Therapy and Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) programs donned their MRU blue at the second annual Flames Health Training Camp.
Friday, April 1, 2016

Interprofessional 2015 - Sheldon Kennedy
As one of the most influential figures in child welfare in Canada, Sheldon Kennedy knows how to create positive change in our communities.
Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

Nursing in Dominican Republic
The School of Nursing and Midwifery welcomed two of our Dominican Republic (D.R.) field school partners.
Friday, Oct. 23, 2015

Beakerhead - Child Lab
From building blocks to building minds, Mount Royal University’s Centre for Well Being (CFWB) is taking child care and education research to a new level thanks to some new technology.
Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015

#Ibelieveyou Campaign 2015
All it takes are three simple words to encourage a culture where sexual assault survivors feel safe to come forward.
Monday, Aug. 31, 2015

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