Bachelor of Applied Child Studies

Bachelor of Applied Child Studies

Prospective Students

This program has been suspended and the University is not accepting new applications. If you are interested in pursuing an education in the field of Child Studies, please visit the Bachelor of Child Studies.

We thank you for considering Mount Royal University and we hope to be able to continue assisting you in your academic pursuits.

Current Students

The University is committed to ensuring that all current students will be given the opportunity to complete their programs of study at Mount Royal within a reasonable time frame.

Students pursuing other programs at Mount Royal University will not be affected.

Bringing out the best in children and youth can bring out the best in you. Make a difference — improving the lives of others, and improve your own life with a rewarding career. The Bachelor of Applied Child Studies is a unique four-year program that prepares you to plan and implement a wide range of support programs for children, youth and families. Through intensive study and paid work experience (called Directed Field Studies), you’ll work with diverse groups of children, lead fun and educational initiatives and contribute to the community in a lasting way.

Learn vital key skills

Child studies courses provide you with knowledge and practical skills, including:

  • assessment and intervention
  • leadership
  • critical analysis
  • communication
  • professional practice

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So many ways to learn

The curriculum includes simulation, role playing, discussion groups and interactive practical learning. Both faculty and industry experts will share their expertise with you.

Career choices

Graduates can manage programs, conduct research and take a leading role in the development of new child- and youth-centred initiatives. You will find work in government and non-governmental agencies.

Your job title could be:

  • Child development facilitator — work at a child centre helping children develop through such activities as art projects, storytelling, reading, gardening and music
  • Early childhood educator (ECE) — with a solid understanding of how children learn, you can help children develop and build their self-esteem. You will primarily be working with children between the ages of two and five.
  • In-home support — work with families who have special needs due to the extra strains of caring for a child with severe disabilities.


Students who complete the Bachelor of Applied Child Studies are also eligible for:

  • Level III Certification through the Alberta Day Care Staff Qualifications Board
  • The Children’s Mental Health Certificate, a valuable program for those who work with children and youth with mental health problems

more information on Children's Mental Health Extension Certificate

Gain international perspective

International opportunities to study abroad vary from year to year. Partnerships have been established with leading institutions in Mexico, New Zealand and Malaysia. This is a great way to gain greater understanding and perspective.

Please contact the department for information regarding current International opportunities.