Faculty & Staff


Carolyn Bjarveit


Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Administrative Title:  Early Learning and Child Care Major Coordinator and Field Director

Areas of Instruction:

Early childhood education, learning through play, pedagogical documentation, guidance and planning in ECE.



PhD, University of Calgary
M.Ed., University of Calgary
B.Sc. University of Toronto


Phone : 403.440.6214
E-mail: cbjarveit@mtroyal.ca


Scholarly Interests:

·        Multimodal literacies

·        Media Studies – digital literacy

·        Cultural studies

·        Popular culture studies

·        Early Childhood Education

Professional Community Service Interests:

Research and Scholarly Projects:  Early Childhood Education, Professional Association, Professional Learning Communities, Leadership: coaching and mentoring



Panayotidis, L. & Bjartveit, C. (2016). The Appearance of the Dead: Summoning Ghosts and Conjuring up the Past Through a Virtual Medium. In R. Sawyer & J. Norris (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Reflective Practice Through Duoethnography. Examples for Educators, (pp. 77-99). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Bjartveit, C. & Panayotidis, L. (2017). Transforming early childhood educators’ conceptions of ‘dark play’ and popular culture. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 18 (2), pp. 114 – 126.

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Bjartveit, C. & Panayotidis, E. L. (2014). The Rise of the House of Rousseau: Historical Consciousness in the Contemporary ECE Teacher Education Classroom. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing (pdf on line).

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