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Midwifery at MRU

Midwifery Education Status Report - Update #2
April 28, 2008

From: Brenda Hendrickson, Chair, Midwifery Education Steering Committe; Dean, Faculty of Health and Community Studies

As Chair of the Midwifery Education Steering Committee at Mount Royal, I am pleased to advise you that over the past several months we have continued with our work in developing a plan for midwifery education in Alberta. This second Status Report provides you with a brief summary of our progress to date.

Since our last update, our efforts have primarily been directed toward developing a partnership with the Multi-jurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project (MMBP) and the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium (CMRC). The MMBP is funded by the Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum (the “Forum”) to develop the curriculum for and deliver a pilot bridging program for Internationally Educated Midwives (IEMs) who wish to practice within the Canadian healthcare system. Educational partners in this initiative are the University of British Columbia Division of Family Practice and Midwifery (the Project Lead for midwifery curriculum development) and Mount Royal. The University of Quebec: Trois-Rivière is also a partner in the development phase of this endeavour but will not be part of the pilot delivery. Signed partnership and funding agreements are in place that now enables us to move this project forward. January 2009 is the proposed target to begin the pilot bridging program.

As the Project Lead for the Pre-intensive Foundation courses, Mount Royal is responsible for overseeing the curriculum development and pilot offering of courses (or mechanisms) to assist midwives in achieving:

  • advanced English language preparation (as needed),
  • an orientation to Canadian healthcare, and
  • basic computer literacy skills.

These responsibilities fit well with Mount Royal’s experience in providing a Bridge to Canadian Nursing program for Internationally Educated Nurses. It is anticipated that these components will be offered on-line which also is in alignment with Mount Royal’s expertise in distance delivery.

To assist with midwifery curriculum development for the bridging program and to meet the established timelines for the pilot program offering, Mount Royal has struck a MMBP Curriculum Working Group with representatives from the Midwifery Education Steering Committee and from the midwifery practice community. This group will meet regularly over the spring and summer 2008, working closely with UBC.

For information on progress, timelines, and admission criteria for the pilot bridging program, your best source of information at this time is the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium website:

As well, it is important for you to know that we have not lost sight of our goal to offer a direct entry midwifery degree program. Planning is ongoing but as yet, we do not have a target date for our first program offering. There are many steps in the approval processes required to mount and offer a new degree.

Recently, members of the Midwifery Education Steering Committee (Brenda Hendrickson, Chair; Corine Frick, Director, Alberta Perinatal Health Program; and Meryl Moulton, President, Alberta Association of Midwives) met with Dr. Marrie, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta and Dr. Wright, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. We were pleased with their interest and the productive discussions about our current initiatives and planning related to the provision of midwifery education in Alberta.

Mount Royal will continue to provide you with information as it becomes available. As in my previous communication, updates and opportunities to comment remain available on the Mount Royal website.
Thank you for your interest.

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Brenda Hendrickson
Chair, Midwifery Education Steering Committee
Dean, Faculty of Health and Community Studies
Mount Royal University

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