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Scholars' Council


To support Mount Royal University’s environment of growth and transition, the Faculty of Health, Community and Education established a Scholars Council in fall of 2006. Our mission is to foster a culture of scholarship among Health and Community Studies faculty, staff and students by developing and funding activities such as our Research and Scholarship Showcases and by supporting and funding conferences, workshops and symposia.

Click here to view the Charter for Scholars' Council.

Scholarly Events


  • Recognizes outstanding scholarly work being done by faculty and students.
  • Inspires our colleagues and students to participate in scholarly work.
  • Encourages faculty and students to share their scholarly work.
  • Encourages inter-disciplinary scholarly work in the Faculty of Health and Community Studies.
  • Increases the profile of the Faculty of Health and Community Studies
  • Provides students and faculty with opportunities to share their work in the following areas:
    • Scholarship of Discovery – work of inquiry, investigation, research;
    • Scholarship of Integration – work that puts research into perspective and makes inter‐disciplinary connections;
    • Scholarship of Application – work that applies knowledge to the larger community; and
    • Scholarship of Teaching – work that displays unique and effective ways of conducting our core business.

Research and Scholarship Showcases

The Faculty of Health, Community and Education Research and Scholarship Showcase will take place on December 4, 2015 on the Cougar Concourse from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. There will be student and faculty poster presentations highlighting research and scholarship activities in the Faculty, with awards for "Best Poster-Student Category", "Best Poster-Faculty Category" and "People's Choice". Refreshments will be served. Please come out to this  excellent event and cast your "People's Choice" ballot, and meet with our researchers..

Click on this link to view abstracts for the posters that will be presented on December 4th.

2015 Research and Scholarship Showcase

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For information on funding for research and developing research funding proposals, visit the Office of Research Services at Mount Royal University.