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In light of the numerous incidents that took place on university campuses this past year discussions of dating and sexual violence within a post-secondary community have never been more relevant. Since 2008, researchers at Mount Royal University have been asking about dating violence and in 2010, the Stepping Up dating violence prevention project was piloted. Increased efforts to increase awareness and provide information on responding to disclosures and resources that can help victims/survivors of dating, domestic and sexual violence will contribute to building capacity within the university for a violence free community.

Stepping Up is a peer facilitated dating violence prevention program. That means that students at Mount Royal are involved in developing the topics for discussion related to relationships, facilitating these discussions during a prevention weekend, and supporting other students as they complete brief community projects.

According to the National College Health Assessment Survey (Warthe & Tutty, 2013) approximately one in three Mount Royal undergraduates has experienced some form of dating violence. The Stepping Up program provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary to support their peers and reduce incidents of dating violence.

You can get involved by:

  • Becoming a peer facilitator. Peer-facilitators will have the opportunity to build relationships with students while helping to create a healthy campus community. Peer-facilitators volunteer their time and in exchange they have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about relationship violence, community resources, and group facilitation. Interested individuals would need to be available for three training weekends (one in October, one in November and, one in January) and one event weekend (in January).
  • Becoming a participant and taking part in the Stepping Up weekend event in January to learn more about dating relationships and how to be a pro-social bystander. This also includes working on a community project.

This program has a research component that has received clearance from the MRU Human Research Ethics Board HERB at


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I Believe You

I Believe You is a public awareness campaign launching Aug 31st 2015 that aims to educate the public on how to better respond to survivors of sexual assault. A common theme among sexual assault survivors is that they hesitate to disclose assault or seek help out of fear of not being believed. What is worse, those who work up the courage to tell someone may receive a negative response – they are questioned and doubted, which may mean they don’t disclose again. Believing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage survivors to come forward and help stop sexual assault.

The statement “I believe you” is very powerful in opening the doors to healing and ending sexual assault. Believing gives survivors the courage to seek medical help, counselling and report to police. Disclosing and believing are the first steps in a long process that may involve the police and justice system. While we support the justice process and due diligence, this campaign is about letting the public know that the best first step toward Association of AB Sexual Assault Services - logodiscovering truth and finding justice is to start by believing.

I Believe You is aimed at changing people’s response away from judgement and doubt towards believing. Mount Royal University is a proud supporter of the I Believe You campaign.

The campaign will include a large social media component using #ibelieveyou. For more information about this campaign visit:

About UsThe information provided on this webpage is intended for the Mount Royal community: students, staff and faculty.

Many thanks to the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Human Services for continued funding of the Stepping Up project. The Relationship Violence Prevention, Research and Resource Centre, a virtual centre/website, is currently under construction and will provide more information on activities and resources available on campus and in
Calgary and area.

Dr. Gaye Warthe
Dr. Cathy Carter-Snell
Dr. Patricia Kostouros