Research & Scholarship

On-going Research Projects Planting Seeds for Ecologically Sustainable Community Engagement: An Inclusive Community Garden Development Project: Slide presentation

Dr. Sonya Jakubec, Dr. Sonya Flessati, Dr. Joanna Szabo Hart

An Investigation into the Challenges and Opportunities for Creating a Dialogue about Sustainability in regards to the Alberta Oil Sands

Dr. Amanda Williams and Dr. Brad Clark

Creative Sentencing in Alberta

Janice Paskey

Crowd-sourced Monetization of Environmental Risk: Frontier Market Sovereign Debt

Dr. Allan Dwyer

Developing a Sense of Place Through Environmental Sustainability in Education: School and Community Partnerships

Dr. Kevin O'connor

Earthworm Effects on Soil Properties and Soil Ecology of Western Canadian Ravine Valley Forests

Dr. Mathew Swallow

Engaging individuals with Developmental Disabilities in a Community Garden Project

Dr. Sonya Flessati

Estimating the Environmental Kuznets Curve for Canada

Anupam Das

Making Complex Science Simple: Telling the stories of scientists and their research: A multimedia science communication project

Sarah Hewitt

Hot Springs Ecosystems and Geothermal Energy

Dr. Katherine Boggs

Is Western Larch Distribution a Function of Metamorphic Geology?

Dr. Mathew Swallow and Mark Hecht

Pricing Pipeline Risk: A self-insurance model for managing spillage risk for petroleum pipelines

Carlton-James Osakwe

Solar Panels in Mexico

Kendra HartCompleted Research ProjectsA Study on the Potential Climate Change Impact of Commuting to Mount Royal University

Dr. Israel Dunmade

Creating Indicators of Environmental Supply in Banff and Jasper National Parks

Dr. Barbara  McNicol

Cross-cultural Aspects of the Trans-border Cooperation in the Area of Restoration/ Re-introduction/ Conservation of Large Carnivores in Central & Eastern Europe 

Anna Korwin Kowaleska

Contributions to Ecosystem Health Assessment in Calgary's Urban Natural Areas through Technology-enabled Citizen Science

Dr. Dorothy Hill and Dr. Lynn Moorman

Empirical Study on Students’ Conceptualization of Intercultural Business Environment and sub-study on Students’ Perception of the relationship: humans – nature

Anna Korwin Kowaleska

Eocene Hot Springs and High PCO2

Dr. Jennifer Scott and Dr. Alex Dutchak

Field Report: Telling the Stories of Science from the Ground Level
Sarah Hewitt

From Field to Cup: Sustainable Coffee Production

Dr. Roberta Lexier and Dr.  Melanie Rathburn

Found in Alberta: Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene

Dr. Robert Boschman and Dr. Mario Trono

Geospatial Citizen Science for Sustainable Management and Monitoring of Ecosystems and Wildlife Populations

Dr. Dorothy Hill and Dr. Lynn Moorman

Indigeneity and Sustainability: Building a Field school in Chile

Liam Haggarty

Media and Other Discursive Community's Perceptions and Experiences of Alberta Oil Sands via Different Sustainability Metaphors from 2008 until the Present

Dr. Amanda Williams

Planting Seeds for Ecologically Sustainable Community Engagement: An Inclusive Community Garden Development Project

Dr. Joanna Szabo Hart and Dr. Sonya Jakubec

The Effects and Implications of Environmental Disasters on the Family: Communicating, Coping, and Caring Among Families Impacted by the 2013 High River Alberta Floods

 Dr. Caroline McDonald-Harker and Dr. Timothy Haney 

The Geological Bumble Bee (GBB)

Dr. Katherine Boggs

The Impact of Inclusion in Nature for People Experiencing the End of Life: A Narrative Review

Dr. Sonya L. Jakubec and Dr. Don Carruthers Den Hoed

Water Sustainability Curriculum Project

Janice Paskey and Terry Field