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 Inbound Exchange Students (to MRU)


Program Information for Inbound Exchange Students (coming to MRU)

Mount Royal welcomes students from our 57 partners in 27 countries and CONAHEC partners from around the world to study at our state of the art Lincoln Park Campus, with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. We are certain that our reputation for excellence in teaching and learning, as well as our multinational and multicultural diversity will enrich your Mount Royal experience and offer an unforgettable study abroad experience!


We welcome student nominations for our Exchange Program at MRU from all our Partners. We look forward to hosting our Partner students at MRU and in Calgary, Canada.

Nomination deadlines
  • March 1 (Study at MRU for the Fall semester from September - December)
  • October 1 (Study at MRU for Winter semester from January - April)

Nomination process of student for Exchange Program at MRU     

Bilateral Partners with MOU


Click to
Nominate a Student

CONAHEC Partners
  • Please nominate the student first through the Conahec site
Scholarship Opportunities from DFATD (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Information for Canada - Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship for 2017-2018 
  • Information for Canada - CARICOM Leadership Exchange Scholarship for 2017-2018
  • Information for Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) for 2017-2018

Partners Required Supporting Documents for Scholarship applications

Privacy Notice for Scholarship applications

Have you selected MRU for your study abroad experience and MRU is a Partner of your home University? To get you started:
  1. Visit your study abroad office at your home University and find out how to apply to your home University study abroad program
  2. Your home University will nominate you for exchange to MRU through our nomination process (see Nominate a student above)
  3. MRU Exchange Programs coordinator will confirm the nomination with the Partner and send the student the formal application package with details via email
  4. All required and supplementing documents are due by August 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Winter semester including: English Proficiency, Letter of Recommendation, Exchange Application completed, and current transcripts received all via scan and sent via email - if documents are not received on time the student can defer their exchange to the following semester.

Information for Inbound Exchange Students planning to attend MRU

Live on campus in Residence at MRU!
  • We highly recommend all exchange students to live on campus because as an exchange student will be better able to build a social network and become involved very easily into the MRU student community.
  • The convenience of living on campus at MRU especially if you are only here for 1 or 2 semesters is invaluable.
  • We do not recommend exchange students live off campus unless they are living with family or friends that are established in Calgary
  • When to apply to live in Residence as an exchange student? After you receive your Letter of Acceptance with your MRU ID#
  • Check out MRU Residence
  • NEW for Fall 2017 - Early Arrival Option to Residence at MRU  - Exchange Program students have the option to arrive up to two weeks early to MRU Residences (after August 21, 2017). The cost is approximately $30/night in addition to the Residence Fees.

When to purchase your flights as an inbound exchange student to MRU?
  • You can purchase your flight to Calgary after you have
    • Letter of Acceptance to MRU and
    • Required entry documents to Canada such as: passport; Visa; Study Permit; eTA

As of August 2015 - we no longer offer airport pick up service to MRU - sorry for any inconvenience, however taxi service from the airport YYC is very reliable
  • Taxi service in Calgary from the airport is fantastic, easy to use, readily available, and there is always someone there to assist you in getting a taxi. The cost to MRU from the Calgary airport is approximately $55-60

International exchange students coming to MRU are required to have emergency medical insurance while attending MRU on their Exchange Program. It can be arranged for the students on their behalf prior to their arrival to MRU. Students can also choose to carry their own emergency medical insurance from their home country. Please note that emergency medical insurance is mandatory and must be arranged prior to departure from your home country.
  • The coverage dates are based on semester dates and arrival & departure information. Dates can easily be adjusted and extended as required.
  • Students can have coverage in other countries they plan to visit while in Canada on their exchange program such as the USA
  • The cost is approximately $225/semester
Exchange students at MRU qualify for the UPass. This provides MRU credit students with unlimited public transportation on bus or C-Train through out Calgary for the duration of the semester 7 days a week - for one small fee.
  • U-Pass (2017) $140
  • To obtain the U-Pass as an exchange student you will need your MRU Campus ID card and your Letter of Acceptance detailing that you are at MRU on an Exchange
  • You will pick up your U-Pass after your arrival to Calgary within the first days of the semester from Parking & Transportation located in EA 1016

About the U-Pass

About Calgary Transit (public bus and c-train for Calgary)

Cost of Calgary Transit - general

Calgary Transit Trip Planning

Please visit the Canadian consulate or embassy near you for the most up-to-date information.

About Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC

Do you need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization (new as of March 15, 2016)

Do you need a visa to enter Canada?

Do you need a study permit to study in Canada?

Do you need to change your status and extend your stay in Canada as a student?

Do you need to change your status and extend your stay in Canada as a visitor?

Please also consider any country to transit - change flights - land - transfer - layover - and ensure that you have the appropriate documents for those countries as well. For example: United States (USA Visas)


  • Fees will vary and should be expected for all travel and entry documents.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2017
March 1 Deadline to nominate a student for inbound Exchange Fall
April 10

Course registration for Fall semester opens for new students (exchange students)

Course registration can be ongoing during spring and summer

August 1

August 9

August 21 - September 2

Residence Fees due for Fall semester

All other Fees due for Fall semester

Early Arrival option for Exchange Program students to move into Residence. Extra fees apply approximately $30/night. Arrangements must be made in advance of arrival directly with Resi

September 3 Move Into Residence - 9 am - 4:30 pm
September 4 Labour Day - Holiday MRU Closed
September 5 & 6 Exchange Student Orientation ($45 fee will apply)

September 7

First day of classes - CREDIT

September 15

Last day to adjust registration (add/drop courses) & all Fees due

September 23

Rocky Mountain Day Trip (optional; $100 cost)

October 1

Deadline to apply for inbound Exchange Program Winter 2018

October 2 Winter 2018 Registration Access Dates posted - check MyMRU

October 9

October 10-13

Thanksgiving Day - holiday - MRU closed

Reading Break - no classes

October 18 Final Exam schedule is posted
October 29 Course Registration opens for new exchange students Winter 2018
November 9 & 10 Reading Days - no classes for students
November 13 Remembrance Day - holiday - no classes
November 17 Last day to withdraw from a course - still receive a W grade on your transcript; does not effect your GPA (exchange students)
December 1

All outstanding Admission documents for Exchange Program due for Winter 2018

Registration Winter 2018 - last day to add name to waiting list for courses

Residence Fees due for Winter 2018

December 11        

December 12

Last day of credit classes Fall 2017

Exchange Program Finale Event Fall 2017

December 13 - 23


Before you go....

Final Exam period for Fall 2017 credit
Fall 2017 semester ends

Order your transcripts at Registrar Office A101, or online through MyMRU - $10/transcript
Please ensure you indicate on your request form to "hold for final grades"
December 23 Exchange students only - check out of Residence by 11am
December 25 - January 1 MRU closed for Christmas and New Year's closure

Inbound Exchange Program Fees
Mandatory Fees
  • Exchange Program Fee (non-refundable) -
    • payable upon acceptance
Other fees to consider
  • Emergency Medical Insurance through MRU
  • Residence Application Fee
  • Residence Deposit (refundable)
  • Residence Fee (depends on unit requested)
  • Accommodation off campus (per month)
  • New Student Orientation (September)
  • Rocky Mountain Day Trip (September)
  • Rocky Mountain Day Trip (January)
  • Transcript (student order before departure or online through MyMRU)
  • Passport & eTA and/or Visa and/or Study Permit to enter Canada visit the Canadian embassy or consulate
  • Transit visa for traveling through other countries on route to Canada - be sure to visit the embassy or consulate of those countries as well example: USA
  • Return flight to Calgary (YYC)
  • Entertainment & social activities
  • Groceries: food & beverage - kitchens available in each apartment in MRU Residences
  • Travel & tourism

  • As an inbound exchange student you have full access to MRU Recreation.
  • There is a large variety of activities available to keep you active and healthy during your exchange at MRU! We are certain you will enjoy the use of this facility!
  • To access MRU Recreation you will need your MRU Campus Card (ID card) which you will get once your arrive at MRU
  • Check out MRU Recreation
A variety of Academic Support programs and resources are available on campus to help ensure you reach the academic goals you’ve set for yourself while on exchange.                                                                                                                                             

  • As an exchange student if you select to have insurance through us you would have free access to the doctors and nurses (Health Services) here on campus plus we have a pharmacy on campus in Wyckham House called Wyckham Pharmacy. Direct billing for prescriptions is available with MRU insurance policy.
  • Also available for exchange students is student counseling, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, mental health resources and support (fees may apply)
  • To access Health Services you will need your MRU Campus Card (ID card) and your insurance policy card through MRU
  • Please note that if you have insurance outside of MRU (from your home country) you will have to pay up front for medical services and apply for a reimbursement through your insurance company
  • Check out MRU Wellness services

For more information, please e-mail We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!