Ken Cummins
Associate Professor

Degrees: PhD Chemistry

Office: B244D
Phone: 403.440.6171
E-mail: kcummins@mtroyal.ca

Dr. Cummins teaches using internet resources and multiple choice exams, so his MRU courses can be studied from anywhere in the world, inexpensively and conveniently by distance delivery and without textbooks. His interest in co-op education has connected students with employers to enhance employment prospects for MRU Environmental Science graduates. Environmental research has employed MRU Environmental Science students to investigate, for example, Calgary's Glenmore Reservoir water quality, and phosphorus in Calgary's Bow River. Differential manometry has been used to measure, for example, 24 hour biochemical oxygen demand and corrosion rates from decreased oxygen pressure. His Chemistry research investigated the interactions between outer sphere chromium complexes and organic anions in water, and he invented a soap bubble respirometer to measure the enthalpy of vaporisation of organic liquids.

Research interests include out sphere complexes of chromium, the measurement of low gas pressure using differential manometry, corrosion rates using oxygen uptake, the development of a 24 hour biochemical demand test, soap bubble manometry. Dr. Cummins has been previously employed as an oil company Chief Chemist and an Environmental Laboratory Manager. Dr. Cummins' teaching interests include distance delivery and computer managed learning.