Susan Morante
Associate Professor

M.Sc. (University of Calgary)
B.Sc.(McGill University)

Office: B233L
Phone: 403.440.6363
E-mail: smorante@mtroyal.ca

Before beginning her career in post-secondary education, Susan worked in various research and industrial labs. During that time she did research on the red blood cells of premature infants that led to a redesign of baby formula, set up protocols for intact, isolated, cell membranes known as"ghosts"and developed the formula for the first fluorescent high-lighter pen to be patented in Canada. In addition to almost 30 years experience at Mount Royal University, she has taught at the University of Calgary. She specializes in the development and teaching of courses in chemistry, having taught most of the first and second year courses at one time or another. She currently teaches Organic Chemistry. She is also extremely interested in developing student research projects for third and fourth year chemistry students.