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Environmental Science

Environmental Science integrates our understanding of chemical, physical and biological processes to study natural and anthropogenic influenced environments, and provides solutions to environmental problems deemed significant to society.

If you are interested in studying natural and anthropogenic influenced environments, providing solutions to environmental problems, and promoting the efficient and appropriate use of energy, materials and natural resources this is the discipline for you!

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ENVS_NewsItem_BECongratulations to Braden Etzerza, an Environmental Science Student at MRU, for winning the Canadian Final of the Global Challenge. Braden won first prize for his work around food-security in his home community Metlakatla and three other coastal communities in British Columbia. He also won the people's choice award!

Braden will be competing in the Global Challenge Finals in Oxford, England April 30th-May 1st. We wish him the best of luck.

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Spotlight: Why Environmental Science?

Spotlight features our exciting professors in action demonstrating the importance of environmental science.


Tim Taylor, an environmental scientist, has an extensive background in oil spill response. You can find out more of what he does and why he chosen a career in environmental science Read more

Environmental Science in the Community

ENVS_Spotlight_GC28 May 2017: Dr. Gwen O’Sullivan has been invited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry to present a guest lecture at the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference in Toronto, Canada (www.csc2017.ca/).
Dr. O'Sullivan's talk will be on Environmental Forensics: Advances in Analytical Chemistry.

ENVS_News_RSFJune 2017: Dr. Roger Saint-Fort will be traveling to Haiti to install much needed water treatment facility. He will be working with several Haitian villages and orphanages.