Bachelor of Science


Natural resources ― oil, gas and minerals ― form the basis of Canada’s and Alberta’s economies. And with a growing demand for resources, geologists will remain key players in the business world.

A B.Sc. in Geology will launch your career in the petroleum and mining industries, whether you want to work in diamond exploration, play an indispensable role in tarsand development, or be a team member in a large, multinational corporation.

rock garden used for class

Highly skilled

As a graduate of this program, you will gain knowledge and skills directly related to the study of geology. In addition, you will be able to:

  • understand scientific thought and the scientific method
  • critically evaluate and assess scientific studies
  • work in a modern geological science lab
  • collect, interpret and evaluate data and observations
  • read, understand and present information in a variety of formats
  • be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions
  • contribute to a team in scientific settings

Career choices

The booming resource industry needs talented new graduates. A B.Sc. in Geology will equip you with the skills needed for work within small, medium or large-sized companies.

  • Geologist ― an earth scientist who studies the history and structure of the earth, its rocks, minerals and fossils. As a new graduate, you will develop skills which will start you on a career path where you may locate new oilfields or mineral deposits with possibilities of traveling the globe practising your chosen career.

A hands-on approach

You won't just be reading textbooks in this program. You will get hands-on experience with guided inquiry labs and field schools, where you’ll see first-hand how science really works.

Rock on

Mount Royal’s unique rock garden is used as an outdoor lab. The 140,000 tonnes of rocks include samples of sandstone, limestone, petrified trees and dinosaur footprints. Specimens range in age from 75 million years to older than one billion years.

Research opportunities

Faculty members are involved in research, which offers students the opportunity to be involved as well. It’s yet another way to get some real-world experience, a great learning tool that will increase your marketability once you graduate.


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