Program Description


Entrance to the Academy Program for Young Artists is by audition only

Any emerging young artist in Calgary or surrounding area who shows clear talent, passion and dedication is eligible to audition.

The student's private instructor does not need to be affiliated with the Conservatory. Should you wish to take lessons from one of our distinguished Conservatory-affiliated instructors, please refer to our Conservatory Faculty page. 

Acceptance is determined by an audition panel consisting of Conservatory faculty.


Audition requirements

Strings, Piano, Woodwinds/Brass Academy

Strings, Piano, Woodwinds and Brass applicants must perform two contrasting pieces that demonstrate their artistic and technical ability. Students may be asked to play scales as well as sight-read. Students auditioning for piano must be at least at a RCM Grade 8 standard.

*Note: The Academy audition for string, woodwind and brass students also serves as an audition for the Conservatory Orchestral program, with the exception of the Calgary Youth Orchestra and Conservatory Sinfonia (formerly Conservatory Strings)*. Students already in a Conservatory ensemble must bring their orchestral music to the audition and be prepared to play excerpts; others will be asked to sight-read.

* The Calgary Youth Orchestra and Conservatory Sinfonia (formerly Conservatory Strings) hold separate auditions for all orchestral instruments, and as such, Academy auditions do not serve as CYO and Sinfonia auditions.


Vocal Academy

New Vocal Academy applicants must perform two contrasting selections from the classical voice repertoire, one of which must be in a language other than English.

Returning students must perform one selection in a language other than English.

Vocal Academy students are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their audition in order to rehearse with the collaborative pianist who will play for the audition. A $25.00 cash fee is required. 

Guitar Academy

Guitar applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces and expect a short sight reading test and interview.

Audition results

Students will be notified of audition results no later than June 15, 2018. It is the responsibility of each accepted student to make private lesson arrangements with his/her instructor of choice.

For more information, or for assistance with the audition acceptance process, please contact

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